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Setting up an Office, Employee & Labour Relations Management.

The latest changes in taxation and the banking sector aimed at fighting offshores and tax avoidance have resulted in a requirement that is mandatory for most companies in order to be able to function normally: availability of a foreign office and staff.

Most banks will not even look at the application for account opening today if there is no evidence of the company having an actual office and personnel. And maintaining this office and personnel may be quite burdensome in terms of formalization and taxes.

Moreover, failing to consider all legal issues carefully while hiring staff members, you incur additional risks of losing customers or leakage of important confidential information when the employees leave.

SBSB’s team of experts will help your IT business establish and maintain an overseas office at a minimum cost and complying with the legislation. We offer a full package of services ranging from designing the overseas office concept in keeping with customer specifications to turnkey implementation, including legal and tax advice, execution of all necessary documents, management support and many more.