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Personal Data: Compliance with the GDPR and International Law.

Personal data are integral to any modern business. Companies operating online and companies dealing with EU customers or partners need to pay particular attention to data processing and use since those are stringently governed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

The above is relevant for any business domain, be that mainstream online stores and web portals, CRM systems or SaaS-based operations and cloud storage as any of them may collect or process personal data.

The EU personal data protection laws include a number of legislative instruments, however the GDPR is the most important regulation setting the rules for handling personal information. GDPR was designed to protect the rights of EU citizens and residents and is binding even outside its jurisdiction.

By ignoring the GDPR you will be constantly exposed to risk: having violated the GDPR rules concerning personal data treatment even with regard to a single EU citizen or resident, you may incur significant liability — a fine of up to 20 million euro, or even greater (should your company have substantial annual revenues).

Those engaged in the IT business should not delay addressing the issue of GDPR compliance — SBSB experts are there to adjust personal data handling processes and bring them to conformance with the GDPR requirements and the personal information protection laws.