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Liechtenstein plans to accept bitcoin for payments

Liechtenstein plans to accept bitcoin for payments.

The government of Liechtenstein plans to accept Bitcoin as payment for state services, announced Prime Minister Daniel Risch.

Any cryptocurrency received as payment for state services will be immediately exchanged for Swiss francs. According to him, the franc is the official currency of the principality, and Bitcoin will not be granted equal status.

Risch, who is also the finance minister, stated that he doesn’t intend to take risky actions with public money, but he expressed a readiness to invest state reserves in Bitcoin in the future.

“Cryptoassets like Bitcoin are currently still too risky,” Risch said. “But this assessment can change.”

Read more at the link: https://www.coindesk.com/policy/2023/05/08/liechtenstein-plans-to-accept-bitcoin-for-payments-to-state-prime-minister-says-report/