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Drafting of Agreements for IT Companies.

Reliable high-quality agreements are essential for entities operating via foreign companies. The following agreement types are the most widespread in the IT sector:

  • software development agreements;
  • non-disclosure agreements;
  • software distribution agreements;
  • licensing agreements.

The internet is full of various draft agreements, including those popular among IT companies. However, the agreements one may find online involve a number of underlying risks: they might be intended for use in other countries or drafted in keeping with outdated laws, they may not meet the interests or mission of your business etc.

With well-designed agreements, not only will you enhance your company image in the minds of your customers but also reduce dramatically the risks associated with payment delays at banks, implications of actions taken by unscrupulous clients or partners and so on. Entrusting SBSB experts with the development of a standard IT agreement package, you can count on the high quality of your agreements, full compliance with applicable laws and alignment with your best interests.