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Revolut is to launch in five new countries in the next couple of months

One of the most popular digital banks, Revolut, has announced a streamlined version of the Revolut app will be available in five new countries in the next couple of months.

Customers in Sri Lanka, Chile, Ecuador, Azerbaijan, and Oman will now be able to leverage the app to transfer money to various countries worldwide.

There is no fee between Revolut customers and a 1% fee to non-Revolut bank accounts with a $1 USD minimum fee for customers in these five new countries.

The app also has established a waitlist for its new service, with select customers being offered early access.

Read more information here: https://ibsintelligence.com/ibsi-news/revolut-is-to-launch-in-five-new-countries-in-the-next-couple-of-months/

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