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Viktoriia Ivakhno, 24.03.2020 / Articles

Top 5 reasons to get a gambling license in Malta

One of the major questions one needs to deal with when launching an online gaming project is the right jurisdiction for obtaining a gambling license. Many prefer Malta from among the small number of countries...
Viktoriia Ivakhno, 20.03.2020 / Articles

How does one get a payment license in Ireland?

Electronic money issue is a fairly competitive type of activity in the financial sector. Until recently, Great Britain has been considered the most popular jurisdiction for obtaining a payment license...
Yuliya Barabash, 18.03.2020 / Articles

Opening a bank account in the Philippines. Peculiarities of the local banking system

Let us consider the banking system of the Philippines. As it turns out, its system is quite developed and diverse so it is worth finding out more about bank accounts in the Philippines.This article...
Snizhana Romashkin, 12.03.2020 / Articles

Banks and businesses. Why are accounts blocked by banks? What should you do if your bank account is blocked?

Bank account blocking is one of the most relevant topics in the business domain. Any bank may block accounts for a number of reasons, and getting back to receiving standard services involves a lengthy...
Ivan Nevzorov, 10.03.2020 / Articles

What is IEO?

The crypto industry may become an alternative to the traditional financial institutions which are currently distinguished by redundant red tape. Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is one of the alternative...
Polina Aleksina, 03.03.2020 / Articles

Getting an EMI license in Europe

The fintech industry keeps coming up with new technologies designed to simplify our lives. The advancements in technology brought to life yet another payment instrument – electronic money.In...
Kateryna Arkadieva, 28.02.2020 / Articles

Setting up Payment System Accounts: Pros and Cons

Traditional banks have multiple requirements and conditions for account opening, and non-residents and companies incorporated in a grey or offshore zone may face additional challenges. This is the reason...
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