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28.01.2021 / Articles

Launching a Forex Broker in Cyprus: Expenses, Ups and Downs of the Jurisdiction

Cyprus has been one of the most popular Forex broker licensing destinations in the EU for many years. This new article is about all the benefits and downsides of the jurisdiction, and also about what one...
25.01.2021 / Articles

2021 Agenda: What Should be the Focus of Financial Companies in the Coming Year?

In-house “ecosystems”, D2C, competition for end-users, neobanking via messengers, solutions design for SMEs involving cryptocurrencies, upgrading of payment systems and cloud accounting. Those...
28.12.2020 / Articles

Gambling License in Kahnawake: When the Quality Meets the Price

Kahnawake is a territory in the province of Quebec, Canada. Having the status of autonomy, this region is entitled to adopt its own corporate and tax laws. Local authorities decided to make the best of...
06.11.2020 / Articles

Payment License in Indonesia: Getting a PSSP License in Indonesia

A payment service provider license is one of today’s most popular services. Lithuania and Great Britain are the top payment licensing destinations in Europe while Singapore and Hong Kong are the...
Iryna Chernousova, 22.10.2020 / Articles

Broker License in Europe: Why Choose Bulgaria?

If you are considering starting a brokerage business but are not sure about the jurisdiction, you should take a look at Bulgaria. Recently, the country has been a popular choice for obtaining a Forex license...
08.10.2020 / Articles

Establishing an Investment Fund: Where and How? A Detailed Guide

Recently, clients have become increasingly interested in opening an investment fund. Our previous article described what an investment fund is and what fund types are there. Today we will consider jurisdictions...
25.09.2020 / Articles

Finding the Way around Investment Funds: Detailed Guide

There is a great variety of business models available nowadays, the investment fund is one of them. We have seen recently a palpable increase in requests for the creation of investment funds. Why are they...
15.09.2020 / News

Back on Track: ePayments Ready to Resume its Operations

In February 2020 the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) passed a resolution to suspend all payment transactions of the payment system ePayment Systems Limited (ePayments).The company reported yesterday...
Yuliya Barabash, 09.09.2020 / Articles

What is the future of banking?

New trends in finance, from open banking to the rise of fintech startups, are shaking the industry and putting customers at the heart of the future of banking.What is digital banking?Digital banking...
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