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Команда SBSB стала членом ВГО «Ассоциация юристов Украины»

17.05.2019 / Новости
Sorry, currently this article is available only in Russian.

SBSB - how we have grown in 6 years

02.05.2019 / Новости
You know, all these stories about how Steve Jobs started in garage, but then he could create an empire? Isn’t that annoying? “That is impossible,” we thought 6 years ago, when we started in our first tiny office. But not now, having increased the staff from 2 to 13 lawyers and moved to a new building in Vozdvizhenka - the most picturesque district of the capital. Oh, now we more than believe in such success stories.Of course, we did not sit back and did a good job. In the...

A bad streak in work of Atlantic International Bank Limited (AIBL)

Anna Ryapasova, 12.04.2019 / Новости
One of the largest banks in Belize, Atlantic Bank International Limited (AIBL), was threatened with closure.Atlantic Bank International Limited was founded 18 years ago and is one of the largest and most famous banks in the offshore sector.This bank has been working for a long time for the needs of both the local population of Belize and a large segment of the offshore business, has always been customer-oriented and has provided high confidentiality.This made Atlantic Bank International...


11.04.2019 / Статьи
STO and ICO: the opt for regulationICO (Initial coin offering) has opened new opportunities for raising capital in projects. With the growth of the industry in 2017-2018 it seemed that the ideal solution for crowdfunding was found, but the rapid development was followed by a decline. The reason for this was the lack of regulation and, as a result, the potential for fraud.Under these circumstances, the attention has shifted to STO (Security token offering), so-called “security tokens”,...

Tax rates for Ukrainian IT industry will double

Anna Ryapasova, 05.04.2019 / Новости
Ukrainian IT specialists have earned a high reputation and are appreciated all around the world. Due to this, the IT industry in Ukraine in recent years has grown significantly and begun to attract more and more attention from government authorities, including fiscal ones.Many IT specialists in Ukraine work as individual entrepreneurs (FOP) on a single tax. Until recently, this situation was acceptable to all: IT specialists honestly paid taxes with a minimum of paperwork.But soon the...

A dark crypto-horse of a financial world – how to ride a trend

29.03.2019 / Новости
Although the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision focused on a variety of risks in its statement on crypto-assets, however, it rightly noted the steady growth in recent years, including an increase in the number of platforms for trading with crypto-assets and the appearance of new financial products associated with them. Such a serious attitude of the most authoritative financial institutions guaranties the big potential of blockchain technologies.Minimization of risks for banksToday,...

How establishing a company on Cyprus can help you in disputes between shareholders/owners?

Vladislav Makarenko, 21.03.2019 / Статьи
For each company that belongs to two or more owners, there is a risk of corporate disputes. Such a possibility should be taken into account when organizing a business, even if the shareholders have the most friendly relations (and even family ties), because corporate disputes tend to occur over time, especially if the project is successful. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to prevent them, but it is more than possible to provide effective mechanisms for resolving them. How establishing...

MLI and BEPS – now in Ukraine

18.03.2019 / Новости
Since January 1, 2017, Ukraine has joined the Extended Cooperation Program within the OECD. According to the NBU, over a third of all foreign direct investment in Ukraine comes from countries with a low level of taxation. At the same time, 100% of investments from Ukraine are directed to the so-called low-tax jurisdictions (Cyprus, BVI).This year, on February 28, Ukraine ratified the MLI convention under the BEPS (The Multilateral Convention to Implement Tax Treaty Related Measures to Prevent...

In which foreign bank you can open an account fast and inexpensively?

Elena Kravchenko, 14.03.2019 / Статьи
It is not easy to imagine doing business without a bank account. That is why many entrepreneurs are concerned with the question: In which foreign bank to open an account fast and inexpensively? Some entrepreneurs want to get an answer, at least partially. Where to open a bank account quickly or in a foreign bank to open an account for cheap?To open an account in foreign bank fastEvery bank has its own review procedure (compliance in the bank), which is impossible to pass fast. For consideration...

Rating of jurisdictions for ICO - Malta, Switzerland, Singapore

Iryna Мykyta, 11.03.2019 / Статьи
In the modern world ICO is considered as an efficient way for attracting investments and venture capital.Everyone who planned ICO for their company, obviously thought on what jurisdiction is better to choose, and what should be considered when choosing an ICO jurisdiction, besides own resources.Why Malta is considered as a perfect jurisdiction for ICO/STO?Malta is considered as a first jurisdiction that introduced legal regulation of ICO, tokens and cryptocurrencies. Also this jurisdiction...
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