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01.07.2020 / Articles

Netherlands Adopts Beneficiary Register Law

The Senate of the Netherlands has passed the law on the register of the ultimate beneficial owners of entities (UBOs). This register shall contain all personal data of the ultimate beneficial owners of...
25.06.2020 / Articles

Russia to Increase Personal Income Tax

The Russian Federation had a consistent personal income tax (PIT) rate for the last 20 years. All Russian citizens paid a 13% tax on their income.How much will the PIT increase?On June 23, 2020,...
24.06.2020 / Articles

Customers Complaint: Alfa-Bank has Disabled Foreign Currency Transfers

An increasing number of Alfa-Bank customers have complained recently about continued disruptions. Most issues concern currency transfers: clients are annoyed by delays in payment postings or even complete...
22.06.2020 / Articles

Will the Corporation Tax Rate Change in Great Britain?

Great Britain companies are widely popular with businessmen from all over the world. For that reason, any news related to the cost of British company maintenance and operation resonates with many business...
Ivan Nevzorov, 17.06.2020 / Articles

Getting a Cryptocurrency License in Malta: Is It Worth It?

Malta is one of the most respected and forward-looking jurisdictions for cryptocurrencies, gambling, and FinTech. Not surprisingly, an immense number of international banking and financial institutions...
Ivan Nevzorov, 09.06.2020 / Articles

Obtaining a DLT License in Gibraltar

The cryptocurrency business offers multiple benefits but only for those projects which operate within the regulatory framework. An increasing number of cryptocurrency projects choose crypto-friendly jurisdictions...
Nataliia Mosevych, 04.06.2020 / Articles

Why Successful Forex Brokers Opt for a Forex License in Vanuatu

Forex brokers are becoming increasingly popular in the marketplace but a Forex license is essential for the convenient and successful operation of a broker company. Forex license holders are more trusted...
Diana Gulevskaya, 01.06.2020 / Articles

ePayments Account Blocked. A Step-by-Step Guide to Retrieving Money from a Blocked ePayments Account

Subject to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) decision as of February 2020, all transactions of ePayment Systems Limited (ePayments) were suspended. The regulator identified a number of deficiencies...
Vladyslav Drapii, 28.05.2020 / Articles

Getting a Forex License in the British Virgin Islands: Step-by-Step Guide

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is one of the most popular destinations for the Forex license. This jurisdiction offers the status of a regulated entity, meaning that your company enhances its reputation...
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