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Vladislav Makarenko, 27.09.2019 / Articles

Buying a ready-made company: a simple solution for a fast international business launch, or a pig in a poke?

With technologies and economies developing all the time, entrepreneurs are offered new business opportunities. All one needs to do in order to succeed is be the first to grasp those opportunities and “skim...
Diana Gulevskaya, 24.09.2019 / Articles

Disadvantages of IT companies: what will you have to face

The IT industry is one of the most fast growing areas in international business. SaaS, AI, blockchain, smart contracts and electronic wallets have become an important part of the economic life of society....
Alexey Sikorsky, 17.09.2019 / Articles

Banks and cryptocurrencies: will they be together? Are there crypto banks? How to open a bank account for a crypto project?

Up to date, cryptocurrencies are very popular and more and more projects decide to conduct an ICO, IEO or STO. Cryptocurrency issuance is literally an opportunity to issue your own money. If we are talking...
Viktoriia Ivakhno, 10.09.2019 / Articles

Specialised banking license in Lithuania - a unique solution for establishing your European bank today

Lithuania and mainly its capital Vilnius became a new flagship of European banking services centers. Favorable regulatory and tax environment, excellent infrastructure, fast Internet, cheap office space...
Nataliia Mosevych, 28.08.2019 / Articles

Choosing jurisdiction for registering a payment system

Today, registration of a payment system is a highly demanded and popular service among leading companies, as it allows you to make payments between organizations and allows the buyer to pay for a service...
Oksana Svyst, 28.08.2019 / News

UK financial regulator publishes cryptoassets regulation guide

On July 31, 2019, the UK financial regulator issued the Final Guide to Cryptoassets to give clarity for market participants regarding the types of cryptoassets that fall within the scope of the FCA (Financial...
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