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Yuliya Barabash, 09.09.2020 / Articles

What is the future of banking?

New trends in finance, from open banking to the rise of fintech startups, are shaking the industry and putting customers at the heart of the future of banking.What is digital banking?Digital banking...
26.08.2020 / News

EU approves Mastercard takeover of Nets' units

The popular payment system Mastercard bought the Danish payment company Nets. The transaction amount is 2.85 billion euros. The purchase of Nets will allow Mastercard to expand its real-time payment options.Mastercard...
26.08.2020 / Articles

One’s Own Banker: Getting an Offshore Banking License in Saint Lucia

Recently, our clients have become increasingly interested in obtaining an offshore banking license. This interest stems from the toughening of AML/KYC requirements for banks and payment systems, as well...
Ivan Nevzorov, 19.08.2020 / Articles

A Gaming License in Belarus: “Isle of Pristine Gambling”

In August 2018 Belarus signed a decree on the “Improvement of Legal Regulation of the Gaming Business”. The decree provides opportunities to open a gaming institution online. Thus, online games...
Polina Aleksina, 06.08.2020 / Articles

Electronic Residency and Low Taxes: Company Incorporation in Estonia

Estonia is one of the most popular companies in incorporation jurisdictions. As an EU member, Estonia has a number of privileges, attracting many businessmen. If you intend to operate in the European market,...
31.07.2020 / Articles

Launching a fintech startup: Why launch a fintech project in Switzerland?

Switzerland, one of the most stable countries in the world, offers a perfect environment for fintech projects. This jurisdiction is chosen by many successful entrepreneurs to launch their fintech startups....
23.07.2020 / Articles

Anti-Money Laundering: Major Bank Fined in Latvia

The Baltics are an extremely treacherous zone for financial institutions and banks. A telling example: a large fine was issued to the Latvian Signet Bank. It got a fine of EUR 906,610 for its failure...
22.07.2020 / Articles

Gaming License in Malta: A Perfect Jurisdiction for your Gambling Project

Malta is one of the most advanced countries issuing gambling licenses. A Maltese license opens up multiple opportunities for operations in the majority of EU states and other countries. So how does one...
17.07.2020 / Articles

Why is Estonia Revoking Cryptocurrency Licenses?

Estonia’s regulator has been revoking cryptocurrency companies’ licenses for several months now. All cryptocurrency exchange owners are naturally concerned about the new developments. Many...
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