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03.08.2021 / Articles

Bull versus Bear Trend in the Cryptocurrency Market: When is the Time to Invest and is it Worth the Risk?

The fundamental notions of “bull” and “bear” trends originating from the stock exchange have penetrated the cryptocurrency market and represent the tactics of animal attacks in...
07.06.2021 / Articles

The Whole World Changing and Being Digitalized

Being associated only with Bitcoin just 5 years ago, the word “cryptocurrency” had not been known to anyone 12 years ago. In 2021 there are around 2300 varieties of digital currencies. This...
31.05.2021 / Articles

World’s Leading Neobanks

The neobanking wave is sweeping all countries and continents, from the EMEA to South America. The term coined in 2017 means a new type of financial institution offering state-of-the-art, quick and flexible...
17.05.2021 / Articles

2020 – Fintech Investments Gaining Momentum

It is no secret that the global financial technology market is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. The previous year was marked by the thriving of the Fintech sector with record-breaking investments...
04.05.2021 / Articles

The Hot Term “Crypto Bank”: Bogus or Inevitable Milestone in the Global Financial System Development?

Switzerland, Lichtenstein, and Luxembourg are ahead of the whole world and persist in keeping their status of global financial innovation champions and reliable financial providers. DUKASCOIN, for instance,...
26.04.2021 / Articles

Hot Market: Why Latin America? And Why Now?

The pandemic has certainly scaled up the demand for digital financial services worldwide, and Latin America is not an exception. But was that true before 2020?Historically, the region had always been...
19.04.2021 / Articles

Top Digital and Fintech Supportive Countries

What are the prerequisites for the Fintech industry to flourish in any given country? I would certainly name an adapted legislative framework, the so-called “regtech”, the economic environment...
28.01.2021 / Articles

Launching a Forex Broker in Cyprus: Expenses, Ups and Downs of the Jurisdiction

Cyprus has been one of the most popular Forex broker licensing destinations in the EU for many years. This new article is about all the benefits and downsides of the jurisdiction, and also about what one...
25.01.2021 / Articles

2021 Agenda: What Should be the Focus of Financial Companies in the Coming Year?

In-house “ecosystems”, D2C, competition for end-users, neobanking via messengers, solutions design for SMEs involving cryptocurrencies, upgrading of payment systems and cloud accounting. Those...
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