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Vladislav Makarenko, 08.11.2019 / Articles

Nominee service: a “golden key” to success or a threat for the business?

The business landscape is extremely dynamic: the economic climate and legislation are subject to continuous change, and foreign company owners are often facing new requirements implemented by banks and...
29.10.2019 / News

Mistertango, UAB fined by the regulator for AML non-compliance

​The Bank of Lithuania has imposed a €245,000 penalty on Mistertango, UAB, a payment system popular among CIS businessmen, for its breach of AML/CFT laws. As a preventive measure, certain restrictions...
Diana Gulevskaya, 23.10.2019 / Articles

A world without borders: SBSB on guard for international FinTech business

The work is in full swing, and it never stops! Diana Gulevskaya, SBSB senior lawyer and Head of its representative office in Moscow, has come to the company’s Kiev office for a visit. Highly...
22.10.2019 / News

EU removes UAE from its offshore blacklist: details

European Union finance ministers removed two countries from the “tax haven” blacklist. The lucky states are the United Arab Emirates and Marshall Islands. The two countries have implemented...
Viktoriia Ivakhno, 27.09.2019 / Articles

Moving from ICO to IEO: a natural evolution or old wine in a new bottle?

IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) is a new development stage of crypto currency investments andfinancing for startup projects. MasterCoin (Omni) was the first to get funding via IEO back in2013. But...
Vladislav Makarenko, 27.09.2019 / Articles

Buying a ready-made company: a simple solution for a fast international business launch, or a pig in a poke?

With technologies and economies developing all the time, entrepreneurs are offered new business opportunities. All one needs to do in order to succeed is be the first to grasp those opportunities and “skim...
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