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01.10.2009 / Articles

Opening International Bank Accounts

Setting up a bank account in an overseas jurisdiction is not an easy task for IT companies today. Guided by counter-terrorism and anti-money laundering rules, banks...
01.10.2009 / Articles

Vanuatu Forex License

Obtaining forex license in VanuatuForex license in Vanuatu is:A wonderful opportunity to obtain forex license without blocking the authorized capitalThe most fast possibility to get forex...
01.10.2009 / Articles

Malta (Gambling)

Online Casino License in MaltaMalta – is one of the most prestigious jurisdictions for obtaining gambling license.Malta is an independent republic and a member of British Union. It is a first...
01.10.2009 / Articles

Georgia Forex License

Investment license in GeorgiaWe propose to consider Georgia for forex companies and investment funds who are willing to operate in Europe.Georgia – is a suitable jurisdiction for obtaining...
01.10.2009 / Articles

EMI&PSP in Georgia

ELECTRONIC MONEY and PAYMENT PROVIDERS IN GEORGIAIn Georgia, the activitiesof electronic money companies are regulated by the Law "Payment system and payment services."Financial company,...
01.10.2009 / Articles

Money Service Operator in Hong Kong

On this page you can find the main conditions and requirements for obtaining a Money Service Operator (MSO) license in Hong Kong.The concept of MSO licenseA person who operates or wishes to operate...
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