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Cryptocurrency consulting

Blockchain technologies confidently conquer the financial world. However, while in some countries crypto field is regulated at the…

Blockchain technologies confidently conquer the financial world. However, while in some countries crypto field is regulated at the legislative level, in others the activity of crypto companies is still unregulated. The regulatory framework constantly changes, and all aspects of regulation should be taken into consideration when launching a crypto company. SBSB Fintech Lawyers will help to support a business in the legal field, enabling to avoid problems with tax and law enforcement agencies. Today, we will talk about cryptocurrency consulting and our crypto lawyers

What is cryptoconsulting

Cryptoconsulting means consulting services regarding a wide circle of issues in the field of corporate and tax legislation. Our team also provides legal support for projects connected with blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies, as well as deals with licensing of crypto exchanges, registration of crypto funds and crypto banks, development of legal documents for ICO and their launch. 

The main goal of SBSB Fintech Lawyers’ cryptoconsulting is the analysis of projects, preparation of documents, support of solutions, and their integration with business logic. The team of fintech and crypto lawyers helps clients reach business goals, ensuring compliance with legislation. 

Projects that cryptocurrency lawyers from SBSB Fintech Lawyers deal with

Our company provides turnkey consulting services and complete turnkey legal support for crypto projects — from idea to project launch — and tries to realize them in the shortest terms.

Registration of crypto exchange

The launch of the platform for a cryptocurrency exchange or development of cryptocurrency wallet begins with cryptocurrency consulting: analyze the project, select an optimal jurisdiction, help with licensing, open bank accounts, and connect merchant accounts. 

Connection of crypto processing on the website

If you plan to accept payments in digital currencies, you should connect crypto processing to the website. Integration of new payment solutions to run a business online enables to accept payment for goods or services with cryptocurrency and get financial profit (the fee for digital payment is lower than for bank accounts). 

Our lawyers provide legal support  by getting authorizations and opening bank accounts.

Registration of crypto funds

We help to choose the jurisdiction for a crypto fund in Europe, North and South America, Asia, or offshore jurisdictions, as well as prepare constituent documents and help to get permissions and licenses. Support of such projects begins with the initial consultation. Our services are not limited by legal assistance, therefore, we open bank accounts and look for the best payment solutions. 

Crypto bank licensing

The need to store digital assets, place deposits, and get loans in cryptocurrencies provoked the appearance of crypto banks. We support such projects according to legal requirements:

  • select jurisdiction;
  • register legal entity;
  • file official requests and prepare licensing policies;
  • hire employees (AML, Risk manager) and help to open office;
  • obtain a license to start crypto activity;
  • ensure legal support at all stages.

Legal support for tokens

We provide legal support for stablecoin issue, and offer assistance with issues of security and utility tokens and legal preparation for the ICO, IEO, or IDO at all stages:

  • project analysis;
  • selection of jurisdiction;
  • consulting services from experts regarding the regulation of ICO and cryptocurrencies;
  • registration of a company;
  • preparing technical documentation, policies, and agreements;
  • licensing;
  • opening a corporate account in a selected bank.

Why address SBSB for cryptoconsulting

We’ve been working in two directions — FinTech and Crypto — since 2013. A great experience and successful practical cases enable the turnkey provision of all exercises required for our clients: consulting, preparing documents, opening bank accounts, licensing for fintech and crypto projects. SBSB Fintech Lawyers provide NFT legal consultation, as well as consult regarding local corporate and tax legislation, cryptocurrency legalization, registration of a crypto company, token issue, while offering custom solutions and legal support to every client. 

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