Freelance Visa in the UAE. Registering as Sole Proprietor and Doing Business in the UAE

The Arab Emirates is considered a global financial power. Doing business in the UAE is efficient even during…

The Arab Emirates is considered a global financial power. Doing business in the UAE is efficient even during difficult times. Do you think you are not ready for the crisis and epidemic?

SBSB will tell you all about how to survive the crisis and multiply your income by getting a freelance visa in the UAE and registering as a sole proprietor. We have already worked out a new business development strategy in the Emirates for you.

Who can become a freelancer in the UAE?

Before registering as a freelancer in the UAE one needs to select the type of activity that will be licensed. There are five main categories: consultancy in various areas, IT consulting, education, design and architecture, beauty services.

SBSB experts will help you choose the type of activity corresponding to your profile. Please note that your business’s success relies on the right choice of license.

Advantages of the UAE freelance visa

The UAE offers a range of benefits making it appealing to businessmen from all over the world:

  • tax-free treatment;
  • reliable banking;
  • a stable and friendly investment climate.

Company registration in the Emirates is a costly affair in the midst of a crisis. SBSB lawyers are happy to offer an alternative – a freelancer’s package in the UAE. Let us consider the specifics and requirements for launching and maintaining a business as a freelancer in the UAE.

Getting a UAE freelance visa

Not so much different from the package for company incorporation in one of the free zones, the freelance package also boasts a low price. With the freelance visa one can carry out the chosen type of activity and make profits from anywhere in the world and under any circumstances.

Freelancers enjoy the same benefits as any investor. To register as a freelancer, it is necessary to have a resident visa and a work permit which can be obtained in one of the free zones.

The following documents are required to register in the UAE:

  • certified passport copy;
  • confirmed address (not required for certain free zones);
  • information about the academic degree or profile certificate (for certain types of activity);
  • a copy of the passport page containing the UAE entry stamp;
  • visa or ID card (if any);
  • passport size photographs.

Besides, visas for other family members (dependent pass) may be obtained. The freelancer can act as sponsor for his/her family.

SBSB lawyers will help you obtain a freelance visa within the shortest time and support the launch of your project in the UAE. SBSB will take care of your business, saving you time and money. Join our Telegram chat to get a free online consultation.

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