Gambling license in Kahnawake

Kahnawake is a First Nations reserve in the Canadian province of Quebec where gambling (including online games) is…

Kahnawake is a First Nations reserve in the Canadian province of Quebec where gambling (including online games) is permitted by the law. To legally operate an online casino or a bookmaker site in this jurisdiction, you need to apply for a gambling license with the local regulator – the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which is one of the most competent and respectable licensing authorities in the international gambling industry. The Gaming Commission has the right to both issue and withdraw permits. This means that a candidate for a license must guarantee the appropriate level of customer service and compliance with all the gambling rules and regulations in Kahnawake. 

Benefits of gambling license in Kahnawake or why you should get it

Let us start by explaining why you need a Kahnawake gambling license and what benefits this permit gives you: 

  • Legal operator activity;
  • Proof of legal income;
  • No problems with the official authorities of the jurisdiction;
  • Loyalty and trust of the clients;
  • Opportunity to cooperate with the leading global operators;
  • Possibility to purchase equipment and software from the best manufacturers;
  • Possibility to use both fiat and crypto payment solutions;
  • Cooperation with international patent systems;
  • Possibility to process payments without the risk of account blocking.

Benefits of Kahnawake jurisdiction for gambling business owners:

  • International gambling jurisdiction;
  • Economic and political stability;
  • No gaming tax;
  • No classification of games; a single license for all B2C games;
  • No requirements for a local office;
  • It is not required to register a company in Kahnawake;
  • The vast geography of clients (the only exception is the USA).

Types of gambling licenses in Kahnawake

Kahnawake issues several types of gambling licenses. Below you can see the main differences between them. 

  • Interactive Gaming License – a license that provides the holder with a Kahnawake domain hosting. This document is necessary for the online casino operation.
  • Client Provider Authorisation – a single license for all types of online games (casino, baccarat, slots, bingo, poker rooms, interactive games, etc.)
  • Live Dealer Studio Authorizations – a permit necessary for the operation and management of studios broadcasting live dealer games.
  • Secondary CPA is required for companies that wish to expand and enter new markets.
  • Key Person License is necessary for the managing bodies of a company holding a Client Provider Authorization.

As we have mentioned before, gambling games are not subdivided into any types; however, depending on the type of gambling a provider wants to operate, there might be specific provisions, benefits, and functional features. 

CPA license in Kahnawake

A Kahnawake СРА license covers all types of gambling activities. It does not matter whether you want to register an online casino, bingo, or a bookmaking service – the requirements remain the same for everyone. 

License for casino in Kahnawake

An online casino offers its clients the same games as a common offline establishment:

  • Slots;
  • Roulette;
  • Lotteries;
  • Quizzes;
  • Poker and other card and board games.

If you have an online casino startup, you need to apply for a CPA. This license is considered a B2C permit and allows the holder to operate interactive online games. Any operator compliant with the Commission regulations can apply and launch a business in the Kahnawake jurisdiction. 

Along with a CPA, candidates must apply for a Key Person License. This document is required for at least one person who is going to be responsible for the operational and managerial sides of the organization that has been issued a CPA. 

License for the lottery in Kahnawake

All types of electronic lotteries operate on the basis of a random number generator (RNG). It allows choosing the winner randomly from the pool of users that have bought a ticket (or have taken part in the draw in some other way). As with any other software, RNG can be recoded or set up in such a way that nobody wins. However, according to the legislation, an operator planning to work in Kahnawake must obtain an RNG certificate at a specialized gaming laboratory before the issuance of a lottery license (CPA). I.e., the regulator must be certain that the provider is not going to manipulate the game results. 

Bookmaker license in Kahnawake

To obtain a bookmaking license in Kahnawake, you need to deposit the initial amount of 25,000 USD which is one of the prerequisites for a CPA permit. This money shall be the guarantee of your serious intentions, and the amount is refundable in the cases the counteragents have been denied a gambling certificate. 

License for bingo in Kahnawake

Bingo operators holding a certificate of this jurisdiction (a CPA license) also have the freedom to operate on the territories of Antigua and Barbuda and Malta. These three regions have entered the Memorandum on Mutual Understanding in the sphere of gambling. Access to the bingo business in the territories of the partner countries is granted after the company signs a multijurisdictional agreement. 

License for slot machines in Kahnawake

The license for slot machines in Kahnawake (a CPA license) is required for the following purposes:

  • To confirm the fairness of the games on the website;
  • To limit access for underage and gambling-addicted persons; 
  • To increase the level of trust of solvent and financially reliable players as there are a lot of gaming platforms, and the users are more likely to choose the one that holds all necessary certifications. 

How much does a gambling license cost in Kahnawake?

The average market price of services assisting in obtaining international gambling licenses in Kahnawake ranges from 21,000 to 30,000 EUR. The final amount depends on the individual characteristics of the client wishing to become an operator. It also matters whether there are any additional services included and some other factors. Approximate costs are as follows:  

  • Application fee for Client Provider Authorization – 25,000 USD;
  • Application fee for a license – 25,000 USD;
  • Application fee for each Key Person License – 5,000 USD;
  • Compulsory system testing and application consideration – 15,000 USD;
  • Opening a bank account – 1,900 USD;
  • Opening a merchant account – 1,000 USD;
  • License extension – 10,000 USD.

How long it takes to get a gambling license in Kahnawake

The whole process, from an application to the Gaming Commission to the license issuance, usually takes from eight to sixteen weeks. This makes Kahnawake one of the fastest jurisdictions to issue licenses for online gambling games.

How to obtain gambling (CPA) license in Kahnawake

The main requirements are: 

  • At least one shareholder, one director, and one Key Person (might be the director);
  • Appropriate equipment and software as per regulator’s requirements;
  • A working website and an activity plan for it;
  • RNG/RPT certification or an agreement on the software operation with game developers;
  • Kahnawake-based servers.

The persons wishing to obtain a license should deposit 40,000 USD before their application to the Gaming Commission. 20,000 shall cover the annual license fee, 15,000 USD cover the regulator’s expenses in the course of application processing; 5,000 USD is the Key Person License fee. The first license is valid for six months; later, the Commission assesses the company’s operation and decides on license extension. The positive decision grants the holder a five-year permit. 

If you want to apply for a Kahnawake gambling license, SBSB legal firm is at your service. We have extensive experience working with gambling and betting permit applications and offer you a “turn-key” service covering all the bases. You can contact us via our Telegram chat or by calling the phone numbers listed in the “Contacts” section. 

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