How to get Curacao gambling license

How to get Curacao gambling license

The lack of severe control from the regulator’s side, minimum requirements, and broad license functionality are the main…

The lack of severe control from the regulator’s side, minimum requirements, and broad license functionality are the main reasons Curacao has become a popular jurisdiction for the gambling industry. The gaming license of this country is used by 70% of gambling projects, including Parimatch, Favbet, Melbet, and Pinnacle. The main subject of our today’s material is the Curacao gambling license, its benefits and obtaining procedure. Let’s analyze all the aspects. 

Many are convinced that gambling and its regulation are incompatible. Of course, winning depends on luck, but the online gambling sphere works in the legal field in numerous countries, and gambling licenses in various jurisdictions make the business legal, and more important — profitable. The local regulator — Curacao Gaming Commission — is in charge of Curacao gambling licensing. 

An interesting fact: on the territory of a tiny island, situated in the Caribbean Sea, online gambling was legalized first in the world. 

Curacao gambling license advantages

Curacao gambling licenses have been issued since 2002, therefore, the jurisdiction is believed to be reliable and trusted by customers. 

The Curacao gambling license advantages include: 

  • the license is relevant for various games (online casino, sports staking, blackjack, roulette, and other games);
  • no requirements for personal presence to register a license;
  • the possibility to get license remotely from any place in the world;
  • one of the best tax credits: 0% tax rate on income received from all revenues of online gambling outside Curacao, and 0% VAT;
  • minimum package of docs;
  • speed (turnkey project realization takes from 2 to 4 months for the SBSB company, depending on the complexity of the project and the responsiveness of the client);
  • loyal cost for an international licensed gambling projects;
  • no requirements for local office on the territory of the Curacao island;
  • no authorized capital and insurance deposit established;
  • possibility to work with fiat payments and cryptocurrencies.

Gaming business registered in Curacao gets a chance to provide services worldwide, excluding several countries the regulator does not recommend working with (Curaçao, Netherlands, France, USA, Cyprus, Spain, Australia, Saint Martin, Great Britain, and others). 

What does gambling license provide? 

The gambling license is about possibilities in the legal field and online casino legalization. It confirms the validity of funds origin on the banking account, enables connecting fiat processing on the site, using licensed software, and working with the best partners and clients almost all over the world. Curacao gambling license does not allow providing services on the territory of this state, and one of the main conditions is to have at least one founder with Curacao residence. 

How to obtain Curaçao gaming license 

Documents required

Before registering the company, we recommend choosing at least three options of its name and indicating a priority one, as well as describing its structure. The following papers are required to obtain Curacao license

  • individuals must file notarized copies of valid passports of founders and CEOs in English, and an original utility bill or bank statement in English issued not earlier than 90 days before are required to confirm the address;
  • legal entities file corporate documents, including company registration in Curacao, as well as documents of the founders, shareholders, and CEOs according to the list below;
  • founder/CEO’s CV in English;
  • English-language (or translated into English) recommendation letters of lawyers and the bank who has been serving you no less than 2 years;
  • description of proposed letters, rules and conditions, prescribed based on KYC policy and a responsible game, information on gaming software with RNG certificate;
  • domain registration document, confirming that URL address belongs to the company or its founders.

The procedure of the Curacao gambling licensing 

The following steps are required to obtain enabling documentation: 

  • register a company in Curacao;
  • prepare the package of documents and scope of information;
  • submit an application;
  • wait for the regulator’s decision;
  • launch an online casino.

There are several factors influencing the cost of a Curacao gaming license, including additional services: local CEO expenses, legal support with licensing, IBAN and merchant account opening, and certificates guaranteeing game integrity. 

Get Curacao gambling license with SBSB 

The SBSB specialists will help you register a company in Curacao. We offer optimal jurisdictions for the online casino to our clients and recommend Curacao Gaming License for startups launching gambling projects. 

Our specialists will help to get the Curacao gaming license while offering turnkey services: preparation of the documentation required, corporate account opening, merchant account connection, full legal support up to the license acquisition, financial reporting. 

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