Who is Happy in Great Britain, or Why Register a Company in the UK?

Have you ever wondered why famous people (especially large business owners like Kolomoyskiy or Abramovich) prefer to register…

Have you ever wondered why famous people (especially large business owners like Kolomoyskiy or Abramovich) prefer to register their businesses in Great Britain and use the companies registered in Great Britain extensively for their business operations? The list of countries with special business conditions does not stop at Cyprus and British Virgin Islands. It surely includes Great Britain as the corporate tax payable by companies registered there will be reduced starting 2020.

Great Britain got its privileges and special standing in global business for a good reason. The major benefits of starting a business in Great Britain include: mature economy, political and social stability in the country, relatively low cost of maintaining British companies, asset safety and risk mitigation, prestigious jurisdiction and also well-established trade relations enabling companies registered in the UK enter the European and US financial markets.

What are the types of activity businessmen pursue most often when registering a British company?

1. Startup Registration in the UK

Great Britain is the startup capital of Europe, with over 39 percent of all European startup companies registered in England.

The main reason for that is quick company registration and account opening in Great Britain, and also affordable maintenance and simple returns which are required only one year and a half after the company is registered in Great Britain.

If your startup incorporated in the UK succeeds, staying within the British jurisdiction is very appealing (according to the statistics, 18 out of 34 European companies whose capitalization reached one billion dollars in the first year of operation are registered in Great Britain). Should you decide to liquidate your startup, the friendly British laws will help you do it within the shortest time possible.

2. IT Company Registration in the UK

Apart from startups, company incorporation in the UK is especially advantageous for IT businesses, particularly for businessmen engaged in software development, e.g. iOS and Android applications. So why Great Britain? The answer is extremely simple – supportive English laws, entry to an English-speaking market and a reliable legal framework and protection of the intellectual rights of companies registered in Great Britain (which is especially important in the modern IT world). Entrepreneurs receive governmental assistance in all business development stages, including tax exemptions, grants and well-designed online services related to documents execution and returns submission.

3. Trading Company Registration in the UK

A trading company registered in Great Britain is a working solution that many businessmen employ in their commercial activities. In addition to the above advantages, incorporating a trade company in the UK involves a high level of investor protection, effortless international trading and, most importantly – the UK company can enjoy the protection of the British judicial system. A company in Great Britain simplifies communications with European partners and on top of that, enables mutually beneficial settlements.

4. Holding Creation in Great Britain and Registration of Agency Companies in the UK

One should also remember Great Britain’s leadership as the global center for holding and agency companies. The UK became appealing for holding registration thanks to its understandable and easy to pay taxes, and also tax exemptions for holdings. And the country is equally appealing for starting agency companies – as agents or nominees, which is often the case with Russian businesses conducting export and import transactions. Why is that so? A business registered in Great Britain is warranty of the company’s good standing in the world.

If you value your time and prefer to entrust your business’s legal and tax support tasks to professionals, you can fully rely on SBSB experts when opening a company in Great Britain.

SBSB provides UK company registration services in various jurisdictions and knows which jurisdictions and banks are best suited to work with, and which ones should be avoided.

We will offer you an optimum solution tailored to your specifications and needs in the shortest time possible, sparing you and your business the unnecessary risks.

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