The main advantage of the territory of Liechtenstein is the independence of the jurisdiction and the guarantee of…

The main advantage of the territory of Liechtenstein is the independence of the jurisdiction and the guarantee of security of savings. Liechtenstein is a full member of the EU. The gross national product per person in Liechtenstein is one of the highest in the world. Historically used tax system allows calling Liechtenstein one of the best offshore centers.  Concluded agreements on avoidance of double taxation with Switzerland, and Austria. Companies registered in Liechtenstein are often used as holding companies, to manage their own assets. The jurisdiction of Liechtenstein is often used as an outlet for large European banks, to which direct access from many other offshore jurisdictions is closed.

Banking secrecy is strictly enforced in the Principality. Professional secrecy is also closely guarded – employees of companies may not be witnesses in court if it would provoke the disclosure of someone’s private data. The transfer of confidential information is also forbidden if it would harm the economy of the Principality. In this way, you can be assured that your data and funds are safe.


  • European registration and reputable jurisdiction
  • Reliable banks and bank secrecy
  • Nominal service available
  • Relatively fast registration
  • No currency control and regulation
  • Possibility to register funds and trusts


  • The necessity of presenting an annual report and keeping accounting records
  • Conducting of shareholders’ fees
  • Presence in “grey list” of offshore companies in Russia
  • No double taxation treaty with Ukraine

Company types

  • Aktiengesellschaft – AG (Joint Stock Company Limited by shares)
  • Anstalt (Formation, commercial or non-commercial, without shares)
  • Stiftung (Foundation)
  • Gesellschaft mit beshrankter Haftung – GmbH (Limited Liability Company without shares)
  • Treuunternehmen (Registered trust)
  • Treuhandschaft (Trust)

Trust companies in the Principality are ideal for optimizing estate and inheritance taxes, and in general, the jurisdiction is considered universal and suitable for almost any commercial activity.


Corporate tax and personal income tax – 18%
Tax on net profit for companies and individuals: 1-2%
There is a tax treaty with Austria, which allows reducing the tax on dividends to 4%.

Account at a bank in the Principality of Liechtenstein

Banks in Liechtenstein are considered among the most reliable and reputable banks in the world. They have long been popular for their internal rules of confidentiality. That is why citizens of CIS countries open deposit accounts in banks of the Principality. A bank account in Liechtenstein is the best solution for investing and storing your earnings.

When opening an account with a bank in Liechtenstein, as a rule, the personal presence of the beneficiary of the company is required, but it all depends on the activity of the company, which needs an account. The option of visiting the bank’s representative office in Moscow or Kyiv is possible. In general, the process of account opening in the bank of Liechtenstein takes 2-3 weeks including checking the documents.

A company registered in the Principality of Liechtenstein can open a bank account in any other jurisdiction.

Banks of Liechtenstein

Valartis Bank AG  (Hypo Investment Bank), Liechtensteinische landesbank, Neue Bank, VP Bank, Lendesbenk AG

The cost of opening an account with a bank listed on our price list.

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