Obtaining a Gambling License: a Gaming License in Malta vs. a Gambling License in Curaçao

If you are planning to launch your own gambling project, you will need to get a gaming license…

If you are planning to launch your own gambling project, you will need to get a gaming license to operate legally. You should keep in mind that not so many jurisdictions grant gambling business permits.

Curaçao and Malta are the most popular options. Both of them are convenient and efficient, so which one is preferable? We will compare Malta and Curaçao licensing processes in this article to help you pick the best option.

A Gaming License in Malta: Who’s it for?

There are currently several jurisdictions allowing gambling. Malta is one of the most popular countries for obtaining a gambling license. A license issued in Malta gives access to other European markets.

SBSB International Legal Firm provides licensing services in Malta; however, we always warn our customers about the potential pitfalls before launching the process. It should be noted that getting a Maltese license is not entirely easy as the country pays close attention to this segment.

Aspects worth considering if one obtains a Maltese gambling license:

  • The regulator performs thorough checks in all licensing stages
  • Potential refusal of license if the applicant does not have prior experience in obtaining a gaming license in other jurisdictions
  • High cost of gambling licensing in Malta
  • The Maltese licensing process takes at least six months
  • Long list of required documents
  • Minimum authorized capital: 40 thousand euro
  • Two mandatory shareholders

The license is not comprehensive, meaning it is not suitable for all types of gambling services

Therefore, a gaming license in Malta is a good choice for businessmen who have experience in the gambling industry and obtained licenses in other jurisdictions before. They can also use the Maltese gambling license as a marketing tool to boost their casino’s image and status.

SBSB has been providing various gambling services for over 6 years now. Our experienced lawyers are there to consult you on all matters and help implement your online casino project.

A Curaçao Gaming License – the Best Jurisdiction there is to Choose

Obtaining a gambling license is instrumental to operating online gaming and casino businesses. SBSB Firm advises its customers to consider a gambling license in Curaçao which has grown popular thanks to a number of benefits it offers.

Benefits of a Curaçao gambling license:

  • Highly streamlined and simple licensing process
  • Suitable for all types of gambling services
  • Budget-friendly licensing segment
  • Quick launch. With all necessary documents in good order the launch will take two weeks
  • Minimum documents
  • Option to operate in the European markets

So a Curaçao gaming license is the easiest to obtain, and it covers all kinds of gaming. A license issued in Curaçao is a token of customers’ respect and trust for the company.

We at SBSB can offer you a number of ready-made solutions to obtain a gaming license in Curaçao. Besides, you can benefit from our current promo, saving money and time on getting the gambling license.

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