The benefits of registering business in Malta

Malta is an authoritative regulatory regime with a very attractive tax system for offshore companies registered in this…

Malta is an authoritative regulatory regime with a very attractive tax system for offshore companies registered in this jurisdiction.

Malta has taken important and significant steps to establish itself as a global player in the business of managing cross-border funds. Competing with countries such as Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Luxembourg.

Malta has a unique combination of multilingual workforce and a strong legal system. The country has a financial regulator (MFSA), which has a decisive approach to business development, and significant successes in attracting gaming business, registering aircraft and ships, issuing bank credit card licenses, and administering funds.

The company in Malta is suitable for different activities.

Here are some of them:

1. IT services. Specialists in the sphere of IT, medium and large businesses choose Malta to host the company.

2. Company for asset protection and holding company. Malta is a suitable jurisdiction for security purposes and the establishment of a holding structure.

3. Investment companies and leading forex brokers chose Malta for international financial licenses.
4. Gaming business. Licenses for online casinos, bookmakers, received in Malta, are very popular and very prestigious.

Types of companies in Malta

The legislation of this country provides an opportunity to register a wide range of organizational and legal forms. The main forms are:

  • Private limited company;
  • Shipping company;
  • Partnership;
  • Trust.

Requirements for registration a company in Malta

  • Own shares: foreigners may own all shares of an offshore company.
  • Tax refund: the corporate tax rate is – 35%, however 30% will be returned to the company, the total real rate is 5%.
  • A minimum of one shareholder is required.
  • A minimum of one director is required if the only individual shareholder in Malta can become the sole manager of an offshore company in Malta.
  • Fast registration, confidentiality.
  • The minimum authorized capital is only 1,250 euros.
  • Shareholders are required to hold an annual meeting. However, such a meeting can be held anywhere in the world.
  • Malta is a full-fledged member of the EU, which means business opportunities with all EU membership
  • English: English is the second official language in Malta.
  • A network of reliable international banks, including local Maltese banks and banks with foreign capital.

Some nuances of setting up a company in Malta

Despite the absence of restrictions on the types of trade in which offshore companies registered in Malta can participate, certain types of commercial activities require licensing, for example for business in insurance, investment services and other financial services.

The names of beneficial owners, shareholders and directors are part of the public records of Malta, which are accessible to the public, so it is possible to appoint a nominal director and shareholder to ensure their confidentiality.

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