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On Sale №1 READY EUROPEAN FOREX COMPANY WITH LICENSE CYSEC (CYPRUS) License STP type Reception and transmission of orders…

On Sale


License STP type Reception and transmission of orders Custody of assets dd. 10/08/2017

Permitted activities

The license allows to operate as a binary options broker and forex broker in the EU and throughout the world (except Japan and the USA).

Additional services according to the broker’s license:

  • Safekeeping and administration of financial instruments, including custodianship and related services
  • Granting credits or loans to one or more financial instruments, where the firm granting the credit or loan is involved in the transaction
  • Foreign exchange services where these are connected to the provision of investment services

Additional information

Minimal required capital in accordance with legislation of Cyprus -125 000 EUR

There is a board of directors, consisting from 1 executive and 2 nonexecutive directors.

Audited financial statements 2016, 2017, 2018.

The company has 2 bank accounts in EU banks.


EUR 295k + EUR 15k legal services + share capital (EUR 100k).

Buying a ready-made company with a forex license, you save a lot of time and efforts and probably money – because every day the requirements for regulating financial companies in Europe are becoming tougher, and obtaining a new license for a company is becoming more and more complicated and expensive.

Please send your questions to info@sb-sb.com


№2 FINMA Licensed Swiss Financial Company

A very rare opportunity to acquire this fully licensed Swiss Asset Management and Financial Intermediary Firm with branch offices in Moscow and Kiev with enormous scope.

  • The company is classified as a full Swiss Financial Intermediary and can carry out External Asset Management and investment activities in the para-banking sector, including holding and managing client funds
  • The company is fully regulated in Switzerland and is also registered in and can operate in both Russia and Ukraine
  • The Company is registered for VAT and Social Security in Switzerland
  • The Company is also TM registered in Switzerland
  • It is fully FINMA/SRO regulated
  • Two branches Moscow and Kiev


Scope of Activities

  • The company can act as a broker, for forex, binary options, shares, CFDs, commodities etc
  • The company can also provide monetary remittance services and foreign exchange services
  • The company can receive and hold client’s funds
  • The company can manage any client assets worldwide

Operating worldwide

The Company can operate worldwide. It is licensed in Switzerland with all operations based out of Zug (Zurich) for tax reasons. It can undertake all aspects of asset management for clients from anywhere in the world.

Switzerland is recognized as the banking centre of the world and by being a fully regulated Swiss Financial Institution (within the para banking sector), it has unrivalled opportunities worldwide.

It is delivered with all banking, asset management, KYC/AML and client instruction manuals and agreements.

It can also passport itself to, or open branch offices in, any country around the world (Russia & Ukraine currently for the convenience of Russian and Ukrainian customers).  Hong Kong would be a good option too.

Bank Accounts

The company have two current bank accounts

  • One bank account in Credit Suisse
  • One bank account with Commerzbank

The Company can also arrange sub-accounts for clients in Swiss banks and elsewhere and can issue its own branded Visa or MasterCards.

The company has existing contracts with several Swiss banks, it has trading platforms access (all kinds of financial products), and also contracts with US brokers (Ameritrade etc.). All platforms have direct client accounts for self trade or can be fully managed.

We look forward to your feedback should you have serious interest in the Company



Since 2013 this company has proven itself at the cryptocurrency market.

Being registered in the UK, the owners of the exchanger received accreditation for financial institutions Money Service Business with HMRC.

The company opened an account in a European bank in 2015, which operates today.

Please send questions to info@sb-sb.com


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