Forex Broker Registration in Offshore Countries: Does the Scheme Work?

Forex is a market for the trading of currencies to generate profit from the fluctuation of exchange rates…

Forex is a market for the trading of currencies to generate profit from the fluctuation of exchange rates of those currencies. Forex is considered one of the largest capital markets. Its high liquidity, regulation and developed infrastructure offer opportunities for creating high-margin investment businesses attracting a great number of traders.

Forex Broker: What does it Mean and Why do You Need it?

Forex broker is a legal entity acting as intermediary between an investor and the international market. Brokers can be called key figures in the FX market as individuals are not allowed to operate in the market. It is the brokers who give their clients access to Forex trading.

How do Forex brokers make profit? A commission added to the trader’s sales is the main source of their income so broker companies are interested in their clients making as many deals as possible because the broker’s profits are directly dependent on this.

Forex is one of the major global markets, with its turnovers significantly exceeding those of other markets. A broker company could be a super-lucrative business for you, provided it is launched competently and properly.

Providing high-quality services to customers is one of the priorities of any legal firm. As far as Forex broker registration is concerned, all clients substantially want the same thing – a fast, cheap and easy registration. No one is willing to spend a lot of money and time to open a company. But do the lawyers’ capabilities and clients’ wishes coincide?

If you have decided to set up your own Forex broker, it is best to refer to professionals. SBSB, the international law firm, can boast a multitude of successful broker company registrations and launches abroad, including in offshore jurisdictions. Our experienced lawyers will be happy to offer you top quality advice on all aspects of Forex broker incorporation.

Forex Broker Registration in Offshore Zones

Broker company registration in offshore territories is gaining popularity as the process of Forex broker incorporation in such jurisdictions is simple, quick and cheap. There are a number of offshore Forex broker options nowadays. Until recently, the registration was only available in the Seychelles, Mauritius and Cayman Islands but the situation has changed drastically.

Thinking of launching your own Forex broker in an offshore country? SBSB lawyers will happily provide all the necessary consultations, offering two options: Vanuatu or Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. What are the differences?

To launch a broker company in Vanuatu, one has to obtain a license and provide for an authorized capital of approximately $50K. As for Saint Vincent and Grenadines, no license is required for Forex broker operations, and a turnkey company launch would cost you 10 thousand euro.

SBSB lawyers are well-versed in the mechanics of the Forex market in various countries and are more than willing to share their experience. Why do business with us? We provide comprehensive legal services for Forex companies on a turnkey basis. SBSB lawyers offer customized solutions tailored to the specific legislative regulations and different budgets, taking into account the country of residency and other peculiarities.

We pay close attention to our clients’ preferences and can obtain a Forex license both in offshore jurisdictions and EU countries. If your goal is to become a European Forex broker, SBSB experts can propose several jurisdictions best suited for this. The list includes Cyprus, Malta and a number of other countries. With a European broker license, you will be able to operate throughout the European Union.

Contact us now and get your own Forex broker in no time!

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