Registration a company in Europe

Benefits of company registration in Europe There is no secret that EU countries are economically more convenient for…

Benefits of company registration in Europe

There is no secret that EU countries are economically more convenient for doing business. Indeed, the registration of a company in Europe will improve not only the reputation, but also the trust of customers.

Often, in the CIS countries there are laws that somewhat complicate the process of doing business, therefore, in order to optimize both expenses and working conditions, there is a registration of a new company or the transfer of an already operating company to Europe. Eurozone has built a more efficient, convenient and modern system for managing business, thereby attracting more and more investors.

Benefits of registering a company in Europe

• A large number of potential buyers. The standard of living in European countries is higher, respectively, and higher solvency;

• Cooperation with partners around the world;

• The withdrawal of assets into a both economically and politically stable zone;

• Guarantees, protection and the best tools for business planning;

• Advanced banking system. Acceptable interest rates on loans;

• Loyalty of the business control system from the state (absence of bureaucracy,  the possibility of exemption from double taxation, etc.);

• The preferential economic system of the European Union;

• Access to payment instruments that are not available in the CIS;

• An opportunity to obtain EU citizenship is provided in the future.

The choice of a country for the registration of a company in the EU will undoubtedly depend on the features of the legislative framework and on the existence of an agreement on avoidance of double taxation.

Procedures that you will need to take before registering a company in Europe

• To verify, check the name of the future company;
• Registration with social insurance agencies, obtaining a seal of the company, etc .;
• Permission from the spouse to open and register the company and further action;
• Collect the necessary package of documents that will be needed to open the company.

In addition, another positive thing in doing business in the EU is that communication with government agencies proceeds without a visit to them, it goes online.

How much will cost your own business in Europe depends both on the geographical location, and on the company’s activities and a number of other factors.

Business in Europe can be opened both with the help of personal investments, and with the attraction of borrowed funds, taken, for example, in the same European banks. For the country in which you are going to build a business is an excellent contribution to the economy, plus jobs for citizens. Therefore, the doors for serious investors in the EU countries are always open,it is only a matter of time.

We will certainly help you if you needto start a business in Europe, or to transfer and/or register a company in Europe.

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