Registering a Company in the UAE. What Kind of Business a UAE Company is Well-Fitted for?

The UAE is considered one of the most appealing jurisdictions for company registration. With its multiple benefits, including…

The UAE is considered one of the most appealing jurisdictions for company registration. With its multiple benefits, including low tax rates, no financial statements and the option to conceal the ultimate beneficiary, the Emirates inspires businessmen from all over the world to register their business there.

This article will be of interest to those pondering doing business in a white-listed jurisdiction and looking to make the most of low taxes and an efficient banking system. Below we will consider specific examples of who may benefit from registering a UAE company.

Trading company registration in the UAE

UAE trading companies are actively used both for trading and logistic purposes, and have a good track record in IT equipment and accessories sales.

With an Emirates company whose profits start at $500 thousand, the annual maintenance will cost you a mere 2.5% of the profits. A great upside is a zero profit tax rate and hence the absence of tax expenditures.

Investment company registration in the UAE

A UAE company would be perfect for an investment business. If you plan to invest in gold or other high profit margin products, real estate outside the UAE or manage your own funds in exchanges, our advice is to incorporate an investment company in the Emirates. By the way, there is a vast selection of free economic zones in the UAE which we covered in detail in our previous article.

Experienced investors will also appreciate the option to register management companies, funds, insurance and other similar companies in the UAE, also with the privilege of obtaining a banking license.

Personal company registration in the UAE

Those contemplating ways of safe accumulation and safekeeping of personal funds should consider a personal company in the UAE.

One of the significant benefits of personal company incorporation in the UAE is the opportunity to obtain a resident visa for the company director and founder within a short time. This will help avoid international tax information exchange.

Thus, with a company in the UAE, beneficiaries can receive profits and not bother about their country of residence finding out about those profits.

Agency company registration in the UAE

Entry to Middle Eastern and African markets is another reason to register a UAE company. Registering an agency company in the UAE opens up unique opportunities to expand the business geography to a whole new continent.

The UAE is the perfect jurisdiction for incorporating companies in various business industries. If your business is associated with trade in goods and services, information technologies, consultancy or investments, and the expected annual profits exceed $500 thousand, you should absolutely register a company in the Emirates.

Company registration in the UAE will not take much time but it is strongly recommended to entrust document preparation, account opening and license issues to experienced lawyers. SBSB experts know all about company registration in more than 40 free zones of the United Arab Emirates. Our lawyers will steer you through company registration in the Emirates and will offer relevant advice. By the way, we have Telegram chat for free online consultations. Do not hesitate to follow the link and ask your questions right now!

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