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FOREX LICENSE IN GREAT BRITAIN The Forex market in the UK is well organized and developed, regulated by…


The Forex market in the UK is well organized and developed, regulated by a significant number of legal acts. These facts are of primarily important for the understanding of difficulties involved in obtaining the suitable forex license in the UK.

Forex market is licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). FCA was established for legal regulation of financial companies. That includes all of the rules, procedures, investigation on complaints and enforcement powers in legislation compliance in investment activity sphere.

FCA is an independent body reporting to the Treasury and Parliament of Great Britain. FCA is headed by Board, which decides on policies, procedures and directions on practical activities of inspection. Its main responsibilities are the regulation of stock exchanges, financial institutions and financial services markets.

Our legal advisors are experts in the FCA regulation and will help you in obtaining your FCA license.

FCA activity is based on the mode of “self-regulation” unlike other EU jurisdictions such as Cyprus, Malta, Bulgaria, where the authorized capital requirements are approved by the legislation.

Submitting an application for a forex license in the United Kingdom, an applicant must establish a sufficient level of authorized capital and substantiate it.

That is why, the best solution in obtaining a license to use the services of an experienced team that knows all the details of internal UK legislation.

Our experts and partners in the UK have experience in successfully obtaining of license.

Our team has a deep understanding of business processes related to the Forex market activity that allows you to obtain a license, corresponding the MiFID requirements, minimizing costs of license obtaining, and the first months of activity.

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