Curacao gambling license

Curacao gambling license Nowadays Curacao is the best option to obtain gaming license. In comparison to other countries…

Curacao gambling license

Nowadays Curacao is the best option to obtain gaming license.

In comparison to other countries the licensing procedure for gambling in Curacao is simplified and streamlined. The license cost is not as high as in other jurisdictions. Curacao has the minimum tax level (2% of net income), and time frameworks for obtaining a license are the shortest.

At present, persons who may carry out activities related to the organization and conduct of the games on the Internet may do so on the basis of sub-licenses, issued by CurasaoeGaming (so-called IP licenses).

Curacao Regulator temporarily suspended issuance of full licenses. Aforementioned license entitles its holder to carry out the organization and conduct all kinds of games on the Internet. However, holder of IP license is not able to issue licenses for other people. CurasaoeGaming explains policy of not issuing new full licenses with the need to exercise effective control over the issuance of licenses and compliance with the local legal requirements, especially in the field of combating money laundering obtained by illegal means and the financing of terrorism. This decision was taken due to pressure from the EU and the US. Currently, Curacao regulator has no plans to resume the practice of issuing a full license.
Cost and what is included

The total cost – EUR 23,000. It includes the following:

• Registration of N.V. company in Curacao;

• Managing Director inCuraçao;

• Registered office in Curacao;

• Payment of state registration fees;

• E-Zone Status (tax area with a 2% income tax);

• Curacao Gaming License;

• Opening a bank account;

• Assistance in connecting first merchant account.
Benefits of Curacao jurisdiction

• The term of obtaining a license is 1 month

• With the Curacao license itis easy to open a bank account

• With the Curacao license itis easy to connect merchant

• Any global suppliers of games work with Curacao

Registration – from the moment of acceptance of necessary documents – 10 days.

The acquisition of e-Zone status, payment of state registration fee, completion and submission of an application for sub-license –from our side takes 14 days after you provide all necessary documents and complete information.

Examination of the application usually takes for 5-10 business days,if everything is in order with your documents and CuraçaoeGaming

Compliance does not require additional ones.

If compliance requires new / additional documents, the process is delayed again for 5-10 days after submitted full package of documents.

1. We sign contract with you

2. You pay 50% of the amount to our account

3. We register the company, giving it the status of e-Zone

4. We send you a package of statutory documents

5. You pay 50% of the latter amount

6. We provide all statements, make all payments, obtain a license, open a bank account and merchant account
If you have questions or need advice call us or fill in and send us the form on the left side of the website.

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