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Jurisdictions for creation crypto exchange: Malta, Switzerland, Estonia. What to choose?.

A very important step, when creating a crypto exchange is choosing a favorable jurisdiction that helps to develop a cryptobusiness and obtaining the desired profit.

We have selected the most appropriate jurisdictions for creating a crypto exchange. So, let’s consider them.


The advantages of this jurisdiction for creating a crypto exchanges are:

– the presence of the English version of the legislation, governing the creation of a crypto exchange in Malta;

– active state protection of both service providers in Malta and consumers;

– financial and political stability of Malta;

– loyalty of the financial regulator of Malta;

– Malta is successful and trusted jurisdiction for creating a crypto exchange;

– Malta’s attractive tax regime, for example, income tax is 5%.


Estonia is one of the attractive jurisdictions for creating crypto exchanges. The advantages of this jurisdiction are:

– short time for registering a crypto exchange company for crypto-activity and for obtaining a suitable license;

– low cost of a license to create a crypto exchange in Estonia;

– favorable legislation for registration of crypto exchange and performing crypto-activity in Estonia;

– loyalty of the financial regulator regarding to the activities of crypto exchange in Estonia;

– the absence of requirement for the obligatory presence of EU citizenship when creating a crypto exchange in Estonia;

– absence of income tax and non-application of VAT to cryptocurrency in Estonia;

– availability of special licenses regulating cryptocurrency activities: a license for the provision of virtual currency exchange services for fiat funds, a license for the provision of e-wallets for storage.


Switzerland is creating a favorable environment for crypto exchanges and developing a cryptocurrency-related business. Switzerland, as a jurisdiction for creating a crypto exchange, is positioning itself as a technically advanced country, ready to interact in a crypto environment.

The advantages of Switzerland as a jurisdiction for creating crypto exchange are:

– loyalty and interest of the financial regulator in opening crypto exchanges in the territory of the richest canton of Switzerland Zug, as well as throughout the country;

– a simplified procedure of opening bank accounts for crypto exchange registered in Switzerland;

– political and economic stability of Switzerland;

– orientation of the financial regulator to the protection of a foreign investor in Switzerland;

– optimal taxation in Switzerland.

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