Rating of jurisdictions for ICO – Malta, Switzerland, Singapore

In the modern world ICO is considered as an efficient way for attracting investments and venture capital. Everyone…

In the modern world ICO is considered as an efficient way for attracting investments and venture capital.

Everyone who planned ICO for their company, obviously thought on what jurisdiction is better to choose, and what should be considered when choosing an ICO jurisdiction, besides own resources.

Why Malta is considered as a perfect jurisdiction for ICO/STO?

Malta is considered as a first jurisdiction that introduced legal regulation of ICO, tokens and cryptocurrencies. Also this jurisdiction has a perfect political and economic reputation, professional technical and legal personnel with high language capabilities for ICO / STO.

Malta draws attention as far as it is considered a crypto-safe jurisdiction and has clear requirements for an ICO. The extremely clear legal regulation guarantees a proper level of protection and security guarantees for the founders and their investors.

What Switzerland can offer for ICO?

Switzerland is still considers as jurisdiction with a world guarantee of economic stability and security.

The Swiss financial regulator monitors all changes and innovations in the field of ICO in Switzerland, cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Switzerland has quite a loyal attitude to cryptocurrency. One of the main guarantees of trust to you and your business for this country is the confirmation of the legality of profit and the expediency of using this profit.

What to expect from Singapore?

In November last year, the Singapore financial regulator introduced new rules for governing ICO and cryptocurrency. Singapore will soon become one of the most important jurisdictions in the industry. This can be explained by the fact that Singapore is already a powerful financial center and many large fintech companies are focused on it, because there are a large number of investors at the moment.

In regulating the ICO, Singapore began to pay special attention to AML procedures and procedures related to the protection of intellectual rights. But there are factors that facilitate the holding of ICO – the low corporate tax rate in Singapore (17%) and the absence of a capital gains tax in Singapore.

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