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Top 5 reasons to get a gambling license in Malta.

One of the major questions one needs to deal with when launching an online gaming project is the right jurisdiction for obtaining a gambling license. Many prefer Malta from among the small number of countries issuing gambling licenses. Why is the Maltese gambling license so popular?

Top 5 reasons to get a gambling license in Malta

Malta is one of the most affordable and prestigious European jurisdictions issuing gambling licenses.

Why businessmen seek a gambling license in Malta:

  • customer confidence thanks to the strong reputation of the jurisdiction;
  • option to receive a temporary license until the basic license is issued;
  • quick registration process;
  • stable political and business environment and tax benefits;
  • licensing of all kinds of online games.

SBSB lawyers have an extensive portfolio of successful gambling license issues both in Malta and other jurisdictions. If you are considering setting up an online gaming company, our experienced lawyers will be happy to give you relevant advice.

How does one obtain a gambling license in Malta?

The gambling license application and issue process in Malta takes 6 months. The major requirements to obtain a Maltese gaming license include:

  • gambling company incorporation in Malta;
  • availability of an authorized capital (ranging from 40 to 100 thousand euro, depending on the gaming license class);
  • availability of a business plan, financial and marketing plans;
  • provision of technical and corporate documents, certificates of quality for the software.

Getting a gambling license in Malta is not an easy task, and it is better to seek the help of professionals. SBSB’s lawyers are experienced in reliable and quick ways of obtaining the Maltese gambling license. Join our Telegram chat for a free online consultation.