Gaming License in Malta: A Perfect Jurisdiction for your Gambling Project

Malta is one of the most advanced countries issuing gambling licenses. A Maltese license opens up multiple opportunities…

Malta is one of the most advanced countries issuing gambling licenses. A Maltese license opens up multiple opportunities for operations in the majority of EU states and other countries. So how does one obtain the license? This article will give the answer to that.

Gambling license in Malta: Getting the license

The licensing requirements in Malta include:

  • Registered European company;
  • Authorized capital (the amount depends on the project functionalities). Minimum authorized capital is EUR 40,000;
  • Company office in Malta;
  • Qualified company director, AML officer and secretary;
  • Bank accounts set up for the company;
  • Company incorporation as a VAT payer;
  • Game documents certifying the compliance of games with Maltese legislation;
  • Payment of state duties for application processing (EUR 5,000) and annual duty for license maintenance (minimum EUR 15,000);
  • Annual audits.

Why get a gambling license in Malta?

The major advantage of the Maltese gaming license is its prestige. The license shows that the project is “playing the long game” and is ready for any inspections or audits.

The licensing requirements in Malta are much more stringent than in offshore jurisdictions but the project respectability secured by this license is a great upside. Besides, the Maltese license allows its holder to operate in a variety of countries worldwide, and banks and payment service providers offer better conditions for licensed clients.

Malta is perfect for those who have already launched the project, have a solid reputation, are ready for any audits and checks, and can afford expensive high-quality solutions.

If the Maltese gambling license does not suit you – is too expensive, for instance – SBSB will be happy to offer you a simpler and more affordable option – a gambling license in Curaçao which is one of the most popular jurisdictions, especially with newcomer gaming projects.

SBSB lawyers have an extensive portfolio of successful gambling license issues, both in Malta and beyond. We will pick the optimum jurisdiction, paying attention to all the specifics of your gambling project. Join SBSB Telegram chat for a free consultation.

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