Financial License SVF in Hong Kong

or applying SVF License in Hong Kong If your company is willing to provide payment services in Asia,…

or applying SVF License in Hong Kong

If your company is willing to provide payment services in Asia, including providing services to Hong Kong citizens, you need to obtain a financial license in Hong Kong or a Stored Value Facility License.

However, be prepared to the fact, that conditions for obtaining such a license will be sufficiently stringent.


The management of a licensed company in Hong Kong, including the executive director, must be a Hong Kong resident. In addition to the requirements for local staff, you will need to hire a manager, an executive director, supervisors, an accountant, a risk manager and some other mandatory employees.


Many know the requirements of the authorized capital to create payment systems in Europe.
Recall that according to the legislation of the European Union, the authorized capital of the payment system in the EU, depending on the services it provides, will be as follows:

  • To receive a payment PSP license – from 125,000 euros
  • To receive EMI e-money license – 350,000 euros

In Hong Kong, the minimal required amount of the authorized capital is 3 200 000 USD or 25 000 000 HKD.

In addition, the financial regulator of Hong Kong reserves the right to increase the amount of its authorized capital, depending on the applicant’s business plan.

That’s probably why there are not very many licenses issued in Hong Kong, only 13 Stored Value Facility licenses and all of them are issued to very well-known companies, including Paypal, HKT Payment Limited, WeChat Pay Hong Kong Limited and others.

But there is a good alternative with less stringent requirements. This is the obtaining of the Hong Kong Money Transfer License (MSO).

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