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Formation companies in USA For those who decided to register a company in the United States of America,…

Formation companies in USA

For those who decided to register a company in the United States of America, SBSB offers a unique opportunity to do it qualitatively and quickly, and most importantly, without nerves and unrest.

Our qualified lawyers will not only provide you with free advice, but will also analyze in which US state it is most profitable to register a firm for your type of activity, give detailed information on how the procedure of registration of the company in America proceeds, what documents are required from you, what terms it is possible to register a company and open a bank account for it. Here it is necessary to point out that we not only registering companies in the US, but also guarantee the opening of an account for these companies (even if you are not a US citizen and do not have any connection with the US), and today it’s not a secret to anyone that the presence of a bank account in the US provides many financial opportunities for business development.

In the USA (absolutely in every state) it is mandatory that the company has not only a legal address, but also the presence of a special agent is required. The main duty of this agent is to resolve any issues with local government bodies. SBSB will not just register your future company in the US and prepare all of the necessary statutory documents, but also provide you with a legal address and an authorized agent in America, which is also an important advantage of our company.

In addition, you do not need to worry about further support of your American firm. Our company also provides services for further servicing of enterprises in the United States. We guarantee the timely submission of reports and special forms of US government agencies.

We recommend our clients to register the company in states that have a fairly low tax rate, specifically in the following states: Nevada, Florida, Arizona, Texas, Washington, Ohio, Wyoming, South Carolina.

Among other things, the list of required documents for company registration in these states is also not as long as, for example, in many other US states.

What state is the most preferable for registering a company?

First of all, it all depends on what kind of activity your future company will be performing. If, for example, the main business area is international trade (without attachment to a particular place of business), then we recommend registering the company in states such as Nevada, Texas, Wyoming, where the income tax is 0%.

Besides, it is worth to consider the annual registration fees. In different states, the amount can vary significantly.

Also an important factor to consider when choosing a state for the registration of a particular business is its reputation. For example, the state of Nevada, having zero income tax, has a high reputation and is associated with IT. This state is the most profitable to register an IT company, but not the Delaware, which is currently extremely unfavorable for opening a company with a beneficiary from Ukraine or Russia.

What is required from a client to register a company in the US?

We do our best to save the client from unnecessary trouble. For this reason, the list of documents that we require from the client to register a company in the US is quite mediocre. It is enough for us to have only a copy of the documents, since the registration authorities in the US do not require either originals or notarized copies of the documents.

From the client firstly we need a copy of the passport of the founder (founders), postal address for receiving correspondence, telephone number. It is also necessary to provide in advance the company’s future name and two alternative options so that we can pre-book the company’s name.

How long does it take to register a company in the US and open a bank account?

The company’s registration term in America will not exceed 1-2 weeks (it all depends on the state). We can also choose the option where the registration of the company proceeds within a few business days.

The terms of opening a bank account depend on the selected bank, the documents provided by the client and on the possibility of personal presence of the beneficiary in the bank. In general, opening a bank account in the US takes up to a month.

Why is it profitable to open a bank account in the US?

After your company is registered in the most attractive state, we will select the most convenient bank for you. We highly recommend opening a bank account in the US immediately after the registration of the company. Needless to say, that an American company without an account in the US causes a lot of suspicion. You can see some of the advantages that a bank account in the states will give you below:

  1. Banking secrecy. A very important point for our customers. Nobody can disclose information about in which bank your company has an account.
  2. Efficiency of opening an account. Accounts in the states can be opened within 4-6 business days.
  3. Insurance of deposits. You will feel protected and not afraid of the bank bankruptcy.
  4. Banks in the US provide an opportunity to carry out transactions around the world and pay a minimum commission for this, especially compared with the commission of most European banks.
  5. Low maintenance rates.
  6. Ease in maintaining. Availability of online banking.
  7. Today establishing a company in the US is not just profitable, but also simple enough!

The main thing is to find experienced specialists who will select the most convenient option for you and get results in the shortest possible time.

For over five years we have been consulting our clients in the field of corporate law, international tax planning, finance, international licensing and integrated business support in more than 40 countries.

Partnership with leading international companies enables us to provide services to our customers all over the world, including Great Britain, Czech Republic, Malta, France, Germany, Switzerland, the Baltic countries, the USA and the Southeast Asian countries.

If any help in establishing a company in USA needed, please feel free to contact our specialists via phone numbers listed on a website, or emailing us on info@sb-sb.com

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