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Payment service systems E-commerce is developing rapidly nowadays. The numbers of online-stores are being created all over the…

Payment service systems

E-commerce is developing rapidly nowadays. The numbers of online-stores are being created all over the world every day, and every person in the world with the Internet access can buy proposed products and services online. It is not surprising, since there are no borders or limits in the Internet-shopping. That is how Internet possibilities lead you to developing your own business without any imaginable limits and gaining a stable income.

The only question that may bother a customer while buying products or services online – is a payment method. And that’s where international electronic payment systems come in help.

Who needs an electronic payment system?

Foremost, electronic payment systems are important to those entrepreneurs, who are willing to sell their products or services over World Wide Web, using a no-cash payment system. Customers, who are willing to buy products or services over Internet, are interested in this way of payment as well.

Using electronic payment systems

Most of young entrepreneurs are not willing to waste their time for researching about electronic payment systems and use well-known and tested schemes. Specifically, they research the payment service systems that are being used by the competitor enterprises, and include them in the list of their payment systems. However, doing a slight research on this particular question would lead an entrepreneur to finding a very useful information for making his web-page much more interesting and comfortable in payment methods for visitors from all over the world, and make a more profitable business.

The first thing you have to know about payment systems – is that they are divided to international and regional ones.

International payment service systems make possible to replenish, output and use in counts electronic money all over the world.

The leaders of the worldwide online payment systems are:

Regional payment systems are being used by CIS entrepreneurs for no-cash online payment.

The leaders of the regional online payment service systems are:

  • Yandex.Money (www.money.yandex.ru)
  • LiqPay (www.liqpay.com)
  • QIWI (www.qiwi.com)
  • RBKMoney (www.rbkmoney.ru)
  • Money Mail (www.moneymail)

If your business is Asian-oriented, then we recommend you to use one of the following payment service systems:
China Union Pay, Alipay, TenPay, 99Bill , Asia Pay, Electronic Payment Services (EPS), iPS, YeePay, Paypal, Austpay.
Alipay, KOPS (KOTRA Online Payment System), PayPal (South Korea) Malaysian Electronic Payment System (MEPS), Asia Pay (Malaysia)

Each of the listed above service systems have their own benefits and are oriented on one or another segment of customers.
All you need – is to make a slight research about your segment of costumers and choose the most convenient and reliable payment service provider for them. That will help to widen your business and increase the income.

SBSB services

We are providing assistance in choosing the best payment service provider for your business, as far as we know exactly what terms each of them can suggest for you and your customers.

SBSB specialists shall analyze the already involved service systems, their effectiveness for your business and give recommendations on practicability of further usage.

For owners of stable companies in respectable types of business we can offer conduction of negotiations with such international payment service provider leaders as VISA and MasterCard.

We will consult you in such themes as freeze and rolling reserve. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs found out about them when a payment service provider is already connected and online-payment is being done.

Please, feel free to contact the SBSB specialists with any questions.

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