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Competing with the best countries of Europe, Gibraltar is gaining more popularity not only among tourists, but also…

Competing with the best countries of Europe, Gibraltar is gaining more popularity not only among tourists, but also as a jurisdiction that attracts a lot of investors from around the world, since it is a recognized offshore center.

Advantages of a company in Gibraltar

  • Foreign exchange control is absent
  • EU membership, developed country
  • Stability, both political and economic
  • Freedom to conduct business. An offshore company in Gibraltar can be operated from anywhere in the world, as corporate meetings should not be held in the territory of a given jurisdiction
  • Minimum taxes or their absence
  • Possibility to use the services of a nominee shareholder, director

After a number of changes in the legal framework of Gibraltar, the tax system was simplified, thereby simplifying the tax system for those offshore companies that have a registered office in Gibraltar and conduct their activities outside the territory (for non-resident offshore owners). Therefore, to date, the most common form of company registration in Gibraltar is a non-resident offshore company.

Main conditions for registering a company in Gibraltar

  • The company should be owned, managed and controlled by a non-resident of Gibraltar
  • The company must conduct its business outside the jurisdiction
  • The profits of an offshore company should not be received or returned to Gibraltar (in such cases, tax is paid).

Offshore company is exempted from paying various fixed fees, so the maintenance of such a non-resident company is much lower than tax-exempt company.

As for bank accounts, here it is necessary to pay attention that accounts of a non-resident company must be opened beyond the boundaries of Gibraltar. Usually accounts are opened in locations close to the current business, or not far from the residence of its owners.

For whom is an offshore company in Gibraltar suitable?

  • International trade
  • Transport company
  • Holding and consulting company
  • For inheritance purposes
  • The initial public offering (IPO)
  • International tax planning
  • Transfer of yachts and ships into offshore ownership
  • Real Estate Ownership (property planning)
  • Protection of assets and intellectual property
  • Internet commerce

This is not the entire list that our company can offer you. Under the Gibraltar Law, various types of companies are allowed, but there are also some nuances, for example, for banking, insurance and trust services, licensing is required, and before registration of an offshore company there are special requirements for the use of some list of words in the names.

Obtaining a license in Gibraltar

Gibraltar has a very democratic financial regulator. Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC) issues various types of financial licenses, among which:

  • License for working with crypto currency
  • License for Blockchain and ICO (DLT license)
  • Electronic Money Issuer in Gibraltar

For more detailed information, please, contact SBSB specialists.

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