SBSB – how we have grown in 6 years

You know, all these stories about how Steve Jobs started in garage, but then he could create an…

You know, all these stories about how Steve Jobs started in garage, but then he could create an empire? Isn’t that annoying? “That is impossible,” we thought 6 years ago, when we started in our first tiny office. But not now, having increased the staff from 2 to 13 lawyers and moved to a new building in Vozdvizhenka – the most picturesque district of the capital. Oh, now we more than believe in such success stories.

Of course, we did not sit back and did a good job. In the past two years alone, we helped to obtain 17 crypto licenses, 3 licenses for the payment system and 2 banking licenses, registered 4 brokers and 3 investment funds, launched dozens of trading crypto projects, legally issued hundreds of companies and bank accounts.

Globalization has erased all boundaries. Previously, 90% of our clients were the citizens of CIS, but we expanded the list of countries with which we work. Now about 55% are residents of Europe, Great Britain, Latin America and Asia. At SBSB, we made it possible to conclude contracts with customers in electronic form, so we can sign contracts online. A typical Tuesday for us is a call from a citizen of India who wants to get a payment license in Europe or start his project in America. It’s not a problem anymore. After all, we work all around the world.

Why do international clients choose a company with a head office in Ukraine? Just two words: service and attitude. This is the only way to fight in the global market. Our lawyer works on the principle of a doctor, saving client from a headache. He prescribes the necessary medicines and instructions, frees the head of entrepreneurs from legal hassles in the sake of ideas and fantasies.

Customers like this teamwork. It has already become a tradition: if we approach each other, then we stay together for years, often becoming partners and even friends. And no matter how important growth indicators and other statistics are to us, the real success story is the trust and respect of customers.

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