Vanuatu Forex License

Obtaining forex license in Vanuatu Forex license in Vanuatu is: A wonderful opportunity to obtain forex license without…

Obtaining forex license in Vanuatu

Forex license in Vanuatu is:

  • A wonderful opportunity to obtain forex license without blocking the authorized capital
  • The most fast possibility to get forex license (2 months)
  • Best alternative to Mauritius, Belize and other offshores
  • Lowest authorized capital requirements and minimum reporting
  • No requirement for a local office
  • No requirement for a local staff

In Vanuatu Forex activity is subject to Security License

According to local legislation Security License in Vanuatu allows forex activities.

4 Subsection 1(1) (definition of securities) Prevention of Fraud (Investments)  (Amendment)
Act No. 7 Of 2012

Repeal the definition; substitute ““securities” means

(a) shares in the share capital of a corporation; or
(b) an instrument that creates and acknowledges the indebt securities  that is  issued by a corporation or a public office including:
(i) debentures; or
(ii) debenture stock; or
(iii) loan stock; or
(iv) bonds; or
(v) certifications of deposit; or
(c) a right, despite whether or not conferred by warrant, to subscribe  for shares or debt securities; or
(d) a right under a depositary receipt; or
(e) an option to acquire or dispose of any security falling within any  other provision of this Act; or
(f) a right under a contract for the acquisition or disposal of  the  relevant securities under which the delivery is to be made at a  future date and at a price agreed when the contract is made in  accordance with the terms of that contract; or
(g) the proceeds of Foreign Exchange or FOREX; or
(h) the proceeds of precious metals; or
(i) the proceeds of commodities.


2-2,5 months from of all documents submission

Costs “turnkey” 20.000 USD

The price includes the following services:

  1. Incorporating company in Vanuatu
  2. Set of corporate documents with stamp
  3. Payment of state fees for incorporating the company and the issuance of the license
  4. Completion and submission of a license application forms
  5. Opening a bank account
  6. Launching a merchant account (Visa / MasterCard accepting)
  7. Preparing a business plan, preparing manuals AML, KYC etc.

Cost of license renewal

Inspite Vanuatu provides such advantages as the absence of requirements for local staff, local the office and amount of authorized capital, but there is still a monthly and annual cost of the license and company renewal.

Monthly price includes filling and delivery of quarterly reports, agency services (including Office), nominee director, complaince officers, if necessary.

Cost of license renewal for the following year – 12.000 USD and includes the delivery of annual reporting, the services of nominal addresses, director, the state an annual fees, annual company renewal fee.

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Required documents

  1. Notarized copy of the applicant’s passport
  2. Notarized copy of ID or internal passport or driver’s license
  3. Address confirmation certificate
  4. Bank statement on cash flow
  5. Сertificate of good conduct on director/shareholder of business
  6. The bank reference (sample provided by SBSB)
  7. Reference from a lawyer or attorney (provided by SBSB)
  8. CV (sample provided by SBSB)
  9. Business plan for 3 years, AML and Risk Manuals etc (provided by SBSB)

Our services

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