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What is an e-currency exchanger? License for cryptocurrency exchange How to create and where is it better to register…

What is an e-currency exchanger? License for cryptocurrency exchange

How to create and where is it better to register an exchanger?

Millions of people work and earn online. They do their work and get paid for it, they provide services and get a fee for it. The common situation is that the one who orders the work and the onewho performs it, physically do not even meet. Everything happens online.

Also, the payment for services is done online.

Payment can be made to a bank account, a card or using an online wallet. Online wallet you specifically create by pre-registering in any payment system. You can have a wallet in different currencies.

From time to time, there will be a need to exchange one currency of electronic money for another currency.

How to legally exchange cryptocurrency?

It is for the purpose of exchanging e-currencies a specialized exchangers that maintain a service for the exchange of electronic currencieshave been created.

The difference between the exchangers of electronic currencies from real exchangers is that any operation in them happens automatically. It should be noted that the exchange rates in electronic exchangers are not stable, just like in ordinary exchangers. Therefore, in order to make currency exchange profitable, it is necessary to conduct competent monitoring of exchangers of electronic currencies.

There are various web-pages for monitoring exchangers. Using the services of such a web-page, you will be able to choose the rate that is right for you, and also get acquainted with the top ten and trusted currency exchangers on the Internet.

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License for cryptocurrency exchange in Europe

One of the most comfortable European jurisdictions for business dealing with the exchange of  currency is Estonia. The Estonian government is keeping pace with the times and has already taken the first steps towards adapting legislation to work with cryptocurrencies. In this country it is possible to obtain a license for cryptowallet services and for the exchange of cryptocurrency.

We will maintain the whole process of obtaining crypto licenses from A to Z. As a result, you will have a working European company with a permit for exchange cryptocurrency.


The cost of support services and obtaining a license for cryptocurrency exchange in Estonia starts from 6000 euros.

Terms of obtaining a license

Terms for obtaining a crypto license are approximately 1.5 months from the date of application.

Our services

Our services include:

  1. Consultations on the registration of a company in Estonia
  2. Development of constituent documents in Estonian
  3. Checking the name of the company
  4. The legal address of the company for 1 year
  5. Payment for notary services
  6. Payment of state fees for the registration of an Estonian company
  7. Translation of documents into English
  8. Secretarial services (contact person for registration authorities) – 1 year
  9. Receipt of certified documents in the state register – charter and B-card
  10. Company seal

We are convinced that e-currency is the beginning of a new phase of technology. Electronic currencies, including cryptocurrencies, have innovative potential that will give consumers access to a global payment system anywhere, at any time, participation in which is limited only by access to technologies, and not to factors such as the existence of a credit history or a bank account.

Based solely on our experience, we will offer you a number of countries where it is better to create an e-currency exchange.
Great Britain, America, Canada, Estonia, Luxembourg are the TOP-5 countries that are loyal to the market of cryptocurrency and are open for the registration of companies, exchangers of electronic currencies.

Our specialists will provide you with a qualified consultation on the company’s registration for working with cryptocurrencies, opening a bank and merchant account for such a company.

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