How to obtain a gambling license in Comoros?

How to obtain a gambling license in Comoros?

The world of gambling and gambling-related activities is constantly evolving, and companies in this industry are always looking…

The world of gambling and gambling-related activities is constantly evolving, and companies in this industry are always looking for new opportunities to optimize their businesses. In recent years, the Comoros Islands have become an attractive destination for obtaining gambling licenses, offering an alternative to more common jurisdictions such as Curacao, Kahnawake, etc.

In this article, we will explore the advantages and possibilities of a Comoros gambling license and how it can become a new alternative to offshore markets. It is worth mentioning that many of our clients are choosing the Comoros Islands license. So why is it gaining popularity so rapidly? Let’s delve into it.

Advantages of obtaining a gambling license in the Comoros

  1. Lower Costs: Obtaining a gambling license in Comoros can be much more economically advantageous than in other countries. The relatively low startup and servicing expenses can attract companies with various budgets and allow them to reduce their operational costs.
  2. Convenient Geographical Location: The Comoros Islands are strategically positioned in the Indian Ocean, between Africa and Madagascar. This makes Comoros a convenient gateway for accessing gambling markets in both Africa and Asia.
  3. Simple License Application Process: The Comoros regulator offers a relatively straightforward procedure for obtaining a license compared to some other jurisdictions. This can significantly reduce the time required to launch a business. The regulatory body responsible for overseeing gambling is the Anjouan Offshore Financial Authority (AOFA). AOFA demonstrates its commitment to maintaining high regulatory standards and adhering to advanced international practices.
  4. Reputation, Reliability, and Compliance with International Standards: While the Comoros Islands may not be as well-known in the gambling world as Curacao or Malta, they strive to comply with international standards and regulatory requirements. This allows companies obtaining licenses in the Comoros to operate with greater reliability and customer trust.
  5. Improving Reputation: With each passing year, the Comoros Islands are becoming more prominent in the global context. Companies establishing their operations here can leverage this advantage to strengthen their reputation and attract new clients.
  6. Development of the Gambling Market in Comoros: Attracting Foreign Investors: The development of the gambling market in Comoros can attract foreign investors, positively impacting the country’s economy and contributing to the creation of new job opportunities.
  7. Infrastructure Improvement: The growth of gambling companies can stimulate infrastructure development on the islands, including technological support, internet connectivity, and communication systems.


A gambling license in Comoros represents a new and attractive alternative to offshore Curacao for companies looking to start or relocate their gambling businesses. With its advantages, convenient location, and commitment to international standards, Comoros has the potential to become a promising jurisdiction for the gambling market. However, potential investors should carefully study the regulations and compliance requirements to ensure the legality of their actions and protect the interests of their clients.

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