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Where to register a company for cryptocurrency exchange? Why the crypto exchange is needed? A properly registered cryptocurrency…

Where to register a company for cryptocurrency exchange?

Why the crypto exchange is needed?

A properly registered cryptocurrency exchange allows its users to buy and sell cryptocurrency, exchange the cryptocurrency (one for another, or for money). Crypto exchange allows you to exchange cryptocurrency for state currencies and transfer to bank cards or electronic purses.
Operations with cryptocurrency on crypto-exchange are possible both between the user and the exchanger, and between the users themselves. In last case, the registered exchange acts as an intermediary.

What is necessary for registration of crypto exchange?

At the first stage, it is necessary to register a company for crypto-exchange or an exchanger of cryptocurrency.

To legalize the activities of crypto exchange, according to the laws of some states, a company must obtain a license to perform cryptocurrency activities. At the same time, it is necessary to select the most favorable countries for registration of crypto exchange, because the technology of blocking is still not of generally recognized legal nature. To serve the crypto platform, you must open a merchant account and a bank account to withdraw funds from the merchant account.

Where to register a cryptocurrency company?

It should be noted that the best jurisdictions for placing cryptocurrency exchangers are:

  • Estonia, due to its geographical location and favorable taxation, as well as the ability to obtain a license to exchange crypto currency;
  • Great Britain, due to the prestige of the state, the convenience of activities and an understandable taxation system, the most popular forms of companies are LTD, LP and LLP;
  • Hong Kong is a prestigious jurisdiction that opens wide access to the Asian market of cryptocurrencies and other goods/services.

Experienced businessmen choose the following countries to place cryptofarms: Poland, Hungary, Montenegro and Georgia.

Legal regulation of crypto activity of exchanges and cryptoexchangers

Jurisdictions also differ in the degree of regulation of the crypto currency.

For example, in the US and Japan – have very strict regulation, the UAE are on the way to regulating the cryptocurrency activity and are trying to develop blockchain technologies in their territory, China and Korea – have imposed a ban on cryptocurrencies and bitcoins, the EU is working on standards for the regulation of cryptocurrency activities.

Registration of crypto exchanges will become much easier if you involve a team of SBSB professionals in this process.

We will select the best jurisdiction or license for crypto exchange/exchanger of a cryptocurrency, we will help you to obtain a license for cryptocurrency activities, we will provide necessary consultations on tax planning.

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