Obtaining a gambling license in Britain: Highlights

Great Britain has the largest gaming market in Europe which is both competitive and appealing. The provision of…

Great Britain has the largest gaming market in Europe which is both competitive and appealing. The provision of gambling services in the UK is absolutely legal and regulated. However, one needs to comply with certain rules and requirements.

In this article we will explain who needs a UK gambling license and also provide an overview of the existing types of gaming licenses in Great Britain.

Who issues gaming licenses in the UK?

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is the authority in charge of regulating and issuing licenses in Great Britain. All online gaming activities in the UK are governed by the Gambling Act 2005.

The UKGC licenses the following types of activity: bets, bingo, lottery, casino, gambling machines, gaming software and other activities described in the legislation.

Why get a British gambling license?

Great Britain is one of the few European countries where casinos and other gambling establishments are officially permitted. The local laws support sole proprietors operating in the gambling industry. The key benefits of getting a gaming license in the UK include:

  • “White” jurisdiction
  • Strong reputation
  • Adequate taxation rate
  • Transparent legislation
  • No extra fees and tax charges

If you looking for a popular and reliable jurisdiction to launch your gambling project, you should definitely consider the UK gaming license.

Types of gambling licenses in the UK

There are three kinds of the British gaming license:

  • a personal management license;
  • a personal functional license;
  • an operating license for: bets, bingo, casino, lottery, gambling software and gaming machines.

The list of activities and entities bound to hold the relevant license is prescribed by the UKGC, so the classification of gambling licenses in Great Britain is quite complicated.

Those willing to obtain a gaming license in the UK should better consult professionals. SBSB has been obtaining gambling licenses for over 7 years, both in Great Britain and in other jurisdictions. By the way, you can get a free online consultation by joining our Telegram chat.

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