Luxembourg (Bank Accounts)

Luxembourg banks are considered among the most reliable in the world. They are known with high levels of…

Luxembourg banks are considered among the most reliable in the world. They are known with high levels of banking services and strict bank secrecy rules.

A bank account in Luxembourg is a great tool for investment and for saving your earnings.

Luxembourg banks offer to client different types of accounts, customer support in different languages , including Russian, Internet banking, card products, private banking.

Luxembourg banks

One of the most famous banks in Luxembourg can be distinguished: Banco Espirito Santo, East-West United Bank S.A., Credit Suisse, Banque de Luxembourg, Cornèr Banque (Luxembourg) SA.

A company registered in Luxembourg can open a bank account in any other jurisdiction.

The procedure for opening a bank account in Luxembourg

To open an account in a European bank signed bank forms, corporate documents, documents for the account manager and the beneficiary will be required.

SBSB cooperates with more than 100 foreign popular banks.

The meeting with the bank manager will be required or not depends on the chosen bank and activity of the company.

As a rule, the personal presence of the beneficiary of the company in a bank or a representative office of a bank is required. Possible option for the arrival of the bank manager at the meeting place at the request of the client.

Thanks to out partnership with many banks SBSB has the right to certify documents and identify company owners. That means that in order to open a bank account you only need to meet with an specialist of our company, there is no need to go to the bank personally.

However, this practice is not applicable to all banks. Today, opening a bank account in a European bank takes from one to two months.

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