A world without borders: SBSB on guard for international FinTech business

The work is in full swing, and it never stops! Diana Gulevskaya, SBSB senior lawyer and Head of its…

The work is in full swing, and it never stops! Diana Gulevskaya, SBSB senior lawyer and Head of its representative office in Moscow, has come to the company’s Kiev office for a visit. Highly experienced in supporting IT business projects, Diana specializes in international law and is a tax optimization expert. Her portfolio covers over 20 major international deals, all successful, and her next target is assuring brisk growth of the SBSB office in Moscow.

No time was wasted at the meeting: an in-house conference was held dedicated to the main areas of fintech business. This industry is growing fast, spurring the natural expansion of our company. Diana Gulevskaya made it clear that the strategy for advancing SBSB’s Moscow office consists in maximizing customer services in the fintech and tax law domains.

We do not take much time to walk the talk! As part of the conference, the representatives of international offices drew up a long-term growth plan for our company. One of the items includes SBSB becoming a member of several global IT associations to enhance international liaisons and contacts. Keeping up with the world-class business is essential to SBSB’s effective performance.

The fintech industry is becoming increasingly challenging in terms of legal support and tax planning. The legislations in various fintech jurisdictions are changing fast, and SBSB experts are always at hand to help you with creating and operating your business.

With experience shared between company branches, we can explore new horizons and make the best offerings for our customers. Please feel free to contact the specialists at SBSB to get advice in such areas as IT law, tax law, blockchain and FinTech. We will help you create a turnkey fintech business and incorporate your company in the EU, USA and in a number of other countries.

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