Undeniable Advantages of Registering a Company in the UK

When choosing a country for registering a company, the important question businessmen should settle is why a specific…

When choosing a country for registering a company, the important question businessmen should settle is why a specific country is better than the others. With UK companies the answer is evident – it is affordable, quick and reliable. Let us consider this and other advantages of incorporating a company in the UK in more detail below.

Registering a Company in Great Britain is not Expensive

To begin, one of the major benefits is that company registration in England is quite cheap. Creating a UK company will surely not hit your pocket since the process is completed remotely and does not require personal attendance. And making use of SBSB’s promotional offer to register a UK company with an account at a mere 1100 euro is a great option to save up on company incorporation and account opening. This is also a unique opportunity to get an operating solution for your business all at once. So incorporating a company in Great Britain is a solution that virtually anyone can afford!

Opening an Account for a British Company

Apart from the company registration in the UK per se, one should always keep in mind the subsequent company operation. Aside from a few exceptions, using a company implies interactions with banks – any company that does not have an account becomes a mere package of documents. Having registered a company in England, you will be able to get an account opened in the country of your company registration. With a great variety of banks and payment systems offering practically the same toolbox as classic banks do, Great Britain has turned into one of the most important international business hubs.

Reliability of UK Companies

Incorporation of a company in the UK means you can forget about raiding, corruption and pressure of state authorities. Great Britain’s reliability is a long-standing legend – it is not by accident that major global businessmen choose to register their companies in the UK. It does not matter much what kind of business your company is doing and what the scale of your dispute might be: having registered a business in Great Britain you will rest assured that the British judicial system provides protection.

Doing Business via a British Company

Registration of a company in Great Britain is the best option for any businessman taking the effort to make sense on one’s own of the specifics involved in the operations of a foreign company. Most business issues had already been tackled in the British precedents and by British lawyers, and there is an immense bulk of useful information publicly available. Virtually any point of interest, be that taxes, corporate matters etc., can be clarified with competent experts.

Maintaining a British Company

If you have not yet decided whether you should register a company in Great Britain, you will certainly be convinced to do so, seeing the ease of maintaining a British company. Continuing the company and submitting statements: the first statements are submitted in 1.5 years after company incorporation in Great Britain, and everything is done remotely. Should you need to create an actual economic presence (“Substance”) for the company registered in England, this can be arranged promptly with the tailored high-quality services.

Therefore, a UK company is a warranted working solution for your business, involving a multitude of advantages and assuring your business has a strong reputation so much needed today.

SBSB has a great number of completed cases concerning business registration in the UK and will be happy to provide top quality advice on all aspects of business creation in Great Britain.

Make sure you contact SBSB to register your British company right now and get it all ready the next week!

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