Registration a company for ICO

Being interested in ICO (Initial Coin Offering), many probably already know that this term was derived from the…

Being interested in ICO (Initial Coin Offering), many probably already know that this term was derived from the abbreviation IPO (Initial Public Offering). The only difference is that:

• IPO – initial public offering of shares on stock exchanges;

• ICO – instead of shares are crypto-currency tokens. Here you can also include crowdfunding.

In short, the ICO technology of the project involves the release of its own tokens and their sale to investors for crypto-currency or fiat money.

Where to register a company for ICO?

In addition to the idea of the startup itself and development team, it is very important to choose the right jurisdiction for the ICO.

It is necessary to understand what kind of “environment” and which country will suit your ICO project and the company as a whole.

For future investors who will pay attention to your ICO project, it will be important that the company conducts its ICO project officially, and also thought through all the legal issues of protecting its clients during the investment period.

To date, the most popular countries for the registration of a company under the ICO project are:

Legal support of ICO

Our team of professionals will provide all the necessary and qualified support and help you to start your business with the corporate structure of the project, as well as prepare all necessary documentation.

Our legal services for ICO:

  • Selection of suitable jurisdiction for the company that launches ICO
  • Obtaining a license for ICO (if necessary)
  • Opening bank accounts
  • Legal documentation for the website
  • Preparation of agreements, contracts (between the beneficiaries, the tokenizer company and the operating company, as well as the purchase of tokens, etc.), the development of a bounty campaign
  • Legal analysis of the project and legal opinions (including White Paper)

It is important to understand that in some countries regulators can treat your tokens as a security, so a competent approach to positioning and selling tokens to certain residents of different countries is extremely important.

Based on this, sometimes just registering a company for an ICO can be enough. Currently, most civilized countries (for example, the USA, Switzerland, Gibraltar, Lithuania and many others) need to obtain a license before the ICO.

From our side, you will receive the best recommendations regarding sanctions regimes when conducting a tokensale, including the lists of OFAC and the Council of Europe.

The ICO project should be approached thoroughly, so to be sure in the process of registration a company for the ICO project and not to make a mistake, ask for help from our specialists. The above list of services is not final, it is negotiated and selected according to the wishes of the client individually.

SBSB monitors the latest trends and provisions of legislation in the field of operations with crypto currency and the use of electronic money in general, the organization of exchanges of currencies and online exchange systems, the maintenance of the ICO procedure (Initial coin offer).

For over five years we have been advising our clients in the field of corporate law, international tax planning, finance, international licensing and integrated business support in more than 40 countries.

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