Company Registration in the UAE. Choosing a Free Zone for Company Registration in the UAE

Offering a zero profit tax rate, the United Emirates also appeals to businessmen from all over the world…

Offering a zero profit tax rate, the United Emirates also appeals to businessmen from all over the world thanks to its strong banking system, innovative infrastructure, option to become a tax resident by registering a company, and to avoid international tax information exchange.

We have already talked about company registration in the UAE. This article is about free-trade zones, their purpose, and types.

What are Free Zones?

Free Zones are defined areas within the UAE where foreign investors can do business and enjoy tax and other benefits offered by local authorities. The variety of UAE free-trade zones provides entrepreneurs with a vast choice.

Guided by your company’s area of activities, the geography of business, and other project features, SBSB experts will help you choose the most suitable free zone, register a company for you quickly, and then set up an account.

Free Zones and their Peculiar Features

The UAE’s special economic zones have different infrastructures and their own local laws which vary depending on the zone type. To help you select the perfect free zone for your business, we have made a detailed list:

  • IT companies and innovative entities in the UAE can obtain a license for their relevant activities in Dubai Internet City, International Media Production Zone, Ahmed Bin Rashid (Umm Al Quwain)
  • Consulting and trading companies in the UAE can easily get a license in Ras Al Khaimah and Ahmed Bin Rashid free zones (Umm Al Quwain)
  • Industrial and manufacturing companies in the UAE are eligible for a license in Dubai South. This area offers leased premises and workspaces at its business park. Ajman Free Zone will also suit businessmen operating a workshop or even a whole factory.
  • FinTech companies and financial corporations in the UAE can be incorporated in DIFC – Dubai International Financial City. This is one of the top free zones in the UAE designed for financial operations. The financial zone serves as a hub between the USA, Europe, Asia, and Africa.
  • Investment licenses are issued in Al Shmookh Building UAQ Free Trade Zone. To obtain this type of license, the company’s head (manager) must possess relevant competences and skills.
  • Those seeking a payment institution license in the UAE free zones should consider DMCC or RAKEZ (Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone)

SBSB experts have extensive experience in company registration in more than 40 free zones of the United Arab Emirates. We will be happy to give advice and help you select a free zone to suit your business. One should manage its assets wisely, especially during a crisis. Join our Telegram chat to get a free online consultation.

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