Registration a company in USA

Nowadays opening a business abroad is in great demand. When creating a company in the United States, the…

Nowadays opening a business abroad is in great demand. When creating a company in the United States, the investor must take into account the fact that the states have a somewhat different system of taxation and corporate legislation.

Registering a company in USA

Before registering a company in the United States, it should be noted that the United States is not a single country, but a federation of individual states. In addition, each state has its own legislation, a register of companies and taxes (in addition to federal).

Thus, each state is practically like a separate country.

The procedure of registering a company in USA

When creating a company in the US, the investor will need to confirm his/her material status by transferring the authorized capital to the local bank account, plus payment of the state duty. Quick processing of your data, as well as the ability to send a package of documents online or supplement in any case, is an important fact during the registration of the company, which is very convenient.

Main types of companies:

  • Partnership
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Joint Venture
  • Corporation. Depending on a tax rate this type can be divided to C/G/S – Corporation

How to register a company in the US

1. A written statement is sent to the Secretary of State with the necessary package of documents. After approval, the company receives a “Certificate of Registration”.

2. Registration of a legal address in the USA.

3. Within a month an internal meeting is held, documentation is formed, and the staff and the director of the organization are determined.

4. The company is registered with the US Internal Revenue Service and receives a FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number or Federal Tax ID Number). This number is the identifier for all regulatory bodies

5. A bank account is opened for a registered company in America.

6. Depending on the activities, company obtaines a license. For example, without a license, you can not register a company with the names that contain the words: “Bank”, “Insurance”, “Trust”, “University”, “College”, etc.

All documentation must be translated into English and notarized.

Choosing a state and features of choosing a state in the US

The current situation is that it is possible to open a company to a non-US citizen in almost any state, but it is almost impossible to open a bank account for it, especially without managing personnel in the United States.

In order to solve this problem, the company must have an authorized agent in the US (not the same that the registration agent), which ensures the “presence” of the company in a particular state to open and maintain the account, and we can provide you with the services of such an agent.
And no less important factor that we take into account when choosing a state for the registration of a particular business is his reputation. For example, the state of Nevada, having zero income tax, has a high reputation and is associated with IT.

It is in this state that it is most profitable to register an IT company, and not in the state of Delaware, which is currently extremely unfavorable for opening a company with a beneficiary from Ukraine or Russia.

Taxes in USA

In the US, taxes can be divided into 2 parts: state taxes and taxes at the federal level.
Tax rates at the state level are very individual – each state has its own.

The main types of taxes at the state level are:

  • Corporate income tax (corporate tax)
  • Tax on franchising (privilege tax to operate in a particular state)
  • Sales tax (a certain analog of VAT)
  • Real estate tax
  • Personal taxes (on income of individuals, social charges, etc.)

Opening a bank account in USA bank

We have partner relations with a number of American banks that can open an account in the US without a personal presence, including Chase, Citibank, Wintrust Bank and several other well-known US banks.

If you are willing to personally come to the US, then we can help with opening an account in any large or medium bank of the country.

Lets summarize

Today, to open a company in the US is not only profitable, but also simple enough.

The main thing is to find experienced specialists who will select the most convenient option for you and achieve the result in the shortest possible time.

The prestige of the country will definitely increase your chances on the international market. And we can help you to achieve the maximum result in the process of registration of business in the US together with our experts.

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