Registration of the offshore funds

Who can be interested in registering an offshore fund? Offshore fund registration will be an excellent solution for…

Who can be interested in registering an offshore fund?

Offshore fund registration will be an excellent solution for many business tasks. For many years offshore funds have been used as a tools in investment activity, protection and asset management.
Offshore funds have a high degree of flexibility in the choice of structure and conduct of activities, and most importantly – the lack of taxes.

Mostly interested in registration of an offshore fund will be those who plan to collect investments for the implementation of their project, since by registering an offshore fund you are guaranteed to gain investor confidence.

Registration of offshore funds will also be interesting to those who plan to work with borrowed capital.

Where to register an offshore fund best?

When choosing a country for registration of an offshore fund, the traditional solution is the countries of the Caribbean. One of the most popular jurisdictions for the registration of an offshore fund are the Cayman Islands (Caymans). Offshore funds in the Cayman are so popular that more than 50% of all world funds are registered in this country.

Although the registration of offshore funds in the Caymans is extremely popular, it is not the only country offering favorable conditions for the registration of offshore funds. The Bahamas (Bahamas) funds and the British Virgin Islands (BVI) funds are also very popular.

Registration of offshore funds in these countries is caused by a number of factors: lack of taxes, high reputation, reliable banking, developed legislation and much more.

Offshore fund registration – the types of offshore funds

There is a wide variety of offshore funds. Firstly, each jurisdiction offers its own types of funds that do not always have analogues in other countries. Secondly, offshore funds can represent different combinations of structure, such as a license (or its absence), activities and legal form. This allows you to register a fund that will best meet your requirements, which makes offshore funds such a flexible tool.

Such a large variety of funds leads to the fact that the registration of offshore funds becomes a difficult task, which can be understood only by an experienced specialist. By applying to SBSB you can be sure that the registration of your offshore fund will be quick and successful. A team of SBSB professionals will take care of all of your concerns.

For over five years we have been advising our clients in the field of corporate law, international tax planning, finance, international licensing and integrated business support in more than 40 countries.

We will be glad to assist you in creating your own offshore fund.

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