Registering a Company in Great Britain. Basic Advantages of Company Incorporation in the UK

Great Britain is a great business launching platform both for experienced sole proprietors and beginner businessmen. The country…

Great Britain is a great business launching platform both for experienced sole proprietors and beginner businessmen.

The country has a strong positive image and a transparent taxation policy, and boasts economic stability. Offering an overview of the key benefits of company incorporation in Great Britain, this article is about why it is worth registering a company in the UK.

LTD registration in Great Britain

Great Britain is considered one of the major financial and trading hubs. An LTD registration in the UK might be the best business solution. Companies incorporated there have prestige and good standing which are essential for beneficial relations with potential investors and customers.

SBSB International Law Firm has an extensive portfolio of successful company registrations in the UK. Our experienced lawyers will offer relevant advice on the matters of company incorporation in Great Britain.

Why register a company in Great Britain — Key benefits

Company incorporation in the UK means a guaranteed working solution for your business and is an efficient tool for collaboration with foreign partners.

Besides, we have identified the following advantages of registering a company in Great Britain:

  • High security and steady legislation;
  • Numerous double taxation avoidance agreements, including those with Russia and Ukraine;
  • Minimum company registration requirements;
  • Prompt company incorporation in Great Britain;
  • Option to set up accounts for a UK company;
  • Opportunity to use the British company as a holding or within various trading and agency schemes to optimize the business;
  • Corporate tax: starting April 1, 2020 it has been reduced to 17%. Where the income is attributable to patent use, an even lower tax rate applies – 10%. It is notable that this rate is applicable not only to patent royalty but to the profit on sales of patented goods as well.

With a company registered in the UK, one gets a number of underlying advantages, including a strong company reputation, potential for international investments and opportunity to enhance corporate turnovers and profits.

We at SBSB know all about company registration, and not only in the UK. We will help you choose the perfect jurisdiction for your business and incorporate your company within the shortest time possible. Join our Telegram chat for a free online consultation.

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