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Forex license in Seychelles.


According to Seychelles Islands Securities Act 2007 the operating forex activity provided with or in Seychelles is determined as activity that has to be licensed and regulated by Seychelles Financial Services Authority (www.fsaseychelles.sc) according to this act and other legislative instruments.

Individuals can perform this type of activity only on the basis of the relevant funds dealer license. In this case, if company is registered in Seychelles, but the actual management of the company and its activities are conducted outside the territory of Seychelles, the obtaining of funds dealer license is not required.

Why do we recommend obtaining the funds dealer license in Seychelles?

• Relatively low financial costs

• Consideration of the application takes no more than 3 months

• Seychelles legislation allows obtaining a license with a minimum authorized fund no less than 50,000 USD

• State fees for consideration of a license application and for issuing and further maintaining of a license is one of the lowest

• Seychelles legislation provides clear requirements for the applicant, owners and managers, as well as to capital and license holder reporting.

• The Financial Services Authority provides quite a flexible policy for the consideration of applications for obtaining funds dealer license and further supervision of license holder activities.

• Low taxation (corporate tax is only 1.5% of all license holder incomes; companies are free from all other taxes)

• High standards of confidentiality

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The procedure for obtaining a license for Forex Seychelles

Preparatory phase

Step 1. Incorporating company in Seychelles (domestic) with a minimum capital of $ 50,000

Step 2: Opening a bank account

Step 3. Preparation and gathering all the necessary documents by company owners

Step 4: Filling in the forms for submitting to the Seychelles Financial Services Authority

Step 5. Paying a minimal authorized capital the corporate bank account ($ 50,000). Authorized capital must be paid by the time of application submission.

License submitting phase

Step 6. Verification the forms, filing and maintenance an application to the Seychelles Financial Services Authority. Step 6 includes the payment of state fee for consideration of a license application for $ 1,000 (state fee is not refundable in case of refusing in license obtaining by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority).

Step 7: Providing additional information and / or documents at the Seychelles Financial Services Authority request.


3 months from submission of all documents to the Seychelles Financial Services Authority.

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