Obtain Curacao gambling license in Spain

Obtain Curacao gambling license in Spain

The Curacao gambling license for online casinos, which you can apply for with our assistance, allows Spanish citizens…

The Curacao gambling license for online casinos, which you can apply for with our assistance, allows Spanish citizens to conduct legal gambling activities without the risk of attracting unwanted attention from this jurisdiction’s law enforcement authorities. 

Apart from that, a Curacao gambling license grants you such advantages as:

  • Low income taxes;
  • Confirmed source of income;
  • Opportunity to cooperate with the most well-known operators;
  • Possibility to purchase the most advanced software and equipment;
  • Possibility to accept payments both in fiat and cryptocurrencies with no danger of account blocking;
  • Low license maintenance costs;
  • High level of confidence from the gamers.

We will help Spanish citizens register a Curacao permit for all types of games of chance – betting, poker, casinos, live games, fantasy sport, blackjack, lotto, etc. 

How to get a Curacao license in Spain

The Curacao jurisdiction issues a single permit for all kinds of gambling games. The complete list is available within our offer or via one of our lawyers. 

One of the most convenient things is that Curacao has no provisions for the authorized capital and the license can be obtained without a personal appearance. 

Что особенно удобно – на Кюрасао нет требований к уставному капиталу, а получить лицензию можно без личного присутствия. Местный офис не обязателен. 

Here are the requirements for gambling permit applicants:

  • The founders, shareholders, and directors must not be on any sanction lists. They also must have no previous convictions or debts and have a confirmed source of income. Another requirement is the relevant work experience and qualifications.
  • The IPs of the countries prohibited by the regulator must be blocked.
  • You have to provide RNG certification or an agreement with game providers.
  • Your website must comply with the regulations of the provider.

The whole registration process with the SBSB company takes about three months. 

Where to apply for a Curacao license in Spain

The SBSB legal company provides services on Curacao gambling license registration for Spanish nationals, as well as for the citizens of other European countries. We work on a “turn-key” basis and will guide you through all the stages of application and issuance of your permit:

  1. Company registration;
  2. Application for a license;
  3. Consideration of your application by the regulator;
  4. License issuance;
  5. Opening a company bank account.

Citizens of Spain and other countries can use this website to start the process of applying for a Curacao license. You can also use our Telegram chat or phone numbers from the “Contacts” section. We also assist in obtaining online casino licenses in other popular jurisdictions (including the offshore ones) – the Isle of Man, Kahnawake, Malta, etc, and help open a gambling business in Costa Rica which does not require a gambling license yet but has certain provisions for the companies working in this sphere. 

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