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Online Casino License in Malta Malta – is one of the most prestigious jurisdictions for obtaining gambling license….

Online Casino License in Malta

Malta – is one of the most prestigious jurisdictions for obtaining gambling license.

Malta is an independent republic and a member of British Union. It is a first EU country that started online gambling. Today Malta – is one of the biggest and most respected online gambling jurisdictions in the world.

Since 2000 Malta started to license online gambling web-sites. But, after Malta enters the EU in 2004, the terms of licensing were reorganized. It was proposed to form 4 classes of gambling licenses.

• Class 1: license for operators providing online casino games, lotteries, games of chance and random number generator.

• Class 2: license for betting shops operators (online sports betting, fixed rate coefficient, the pool of bets).

• Class 3: licenses for advertisers and advertising companies, including P2P networks, poker networks, exchange rates, bingo.

• Class 4: license for companies providing software for online gaming companies – business.

Obtaining Malta license is a very complicated process, as far as the state pays special attention to this segment.

A harsh inspection is being held at every step of license obtaining. Consider the fact, that if it is your first license, it would be quite hard to obtain it, but in case of success you get a license with warranty, support and worldwide recognition.

License can be obtained within 3-4 months, if you have an experience in gaming business.

The costs for obtaining a gaming license in Malta are high, especially for the Class 1 online casino.

Taxes, financial and audit reporting, high state duties, the maintenance of real office – all this makes Malta an expensive and prestigious gambling jurisdiction.

Why do we recommend Malta?

The high competition in the gaming market also dictates its own rules – if you want your business to be successful – you have to take care about its reputation and prove that your business does not violate the requirements of the law.

The license will make your casino more attractive, as the sector of online gambling industry is considered as the most unprotected.

Another advantage of Malta is that with Malta license, you will not encounter with problems in opening a bank account and processing connection to the web-page. The major financial institutions are willingly cooperating with the casino, if it has a Malta license.

Malta is a EU member, that approved on the legislative level, the remote gambling game activity regulation. Malta guarantees the protection of operators of remote gaming and players rights and interests. The representatives of the world’s TOP10 online casinos have Maltese license, it once again emphasizes that the worldwide prestige and importance of this license is very high.

The experienced specialists of SBSB are ready to offer you complex legal solutions.

During the consultation with our specialists you will get answers to all of your questions, including which country you should chose to obtain a license for online casino, where is better to register a company, which bank suits you for opening an account, how much the “online casino” project will cost you, and all of the other information from A to Z.

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